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Struggling for his sophomore season, Tyler Herro isn’t just making friends in Florida. Even in the dressing room, some of the Heat are said to be worried about the full-back’s behavior. Explanations.

From his debut in Miami last year, Tyler Herro has established himself as a satisfaction. With 13.5 points averaging, including a nice 38.9% from three points, the full-back was a hit off the bench for Erik Spoelstra’s men. Like any other high potential player, so we were curious to see if he could confirm.

For now, let’s say it’s pretty mixed. With 14.8 units, Herro is expanding his brand, which can be explained by his starting status at the start of the season. But for some time now, the sophomore has found the bench, for lack of satisfactory performance.

Clumsy, he has not exceeded 10 points in 4 games now. An anomaly for number 14, which also seems to annoy some teammates in the locker room. Indeed, and during a recent Inside The Paint podcast, journalist Ira Winderman spoke about the atmosphere between Tyler and his partners: it is not happy.

Tyler Herro chose to become a celebrity. He has decided to become something away from the game, which is his right. With his cereal and everything, that’s good. But you know what? The other players when they see someone doing all this, I’m not going to say they’re jealous, but they’re like, “Wait a minute, you haven’t accomplished anything yet. “

Because yes, Herro owns its cereals and has already planned a few partnerships with food brands. Nice projects, but shouldn’t the young player focus on launching his career in the world of the orange ball? That’s what many think, and the Heat are understandably worried:

If the popularity of Tyler Herro is a good thing for him, be careful to assume on the floors behind. Otherwise, the disappointment will be immense. In the Heat of preparing for the worst, we trust Pat Riley to have the right speech.

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