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For his first season at the helm of the Clippers, Tyronn Lue has simply given the franchise its first qualification in the conference finals. Full of confidence, the technician therefore made a request to the Lakers fans … who did not spare him in return!

Could he repeat such a sensational feat as the one he achieved 5 years ago? Inducted as the Clippers’s head coach at the start of the season, Tyronn Lue has made an equally admirable debut at Cleveland. Indeed, he has just led his franchise to the first participation in the conference finals in its history.

There is no word yet on whether he will experience the exact same success as in 2016, when he led the Cavaliers to the Larry O’Brien Trophy. In the meantime, the manager can boast of having sidelined the best team of the regular season, the Jazz, to reach this stage. On his own, he risked a cheeky request at a press conference, reported by Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints.

“I know there a lot of Lakers fans here, but if they’re out, the Clippers are the last team playing for here. You should be cheering and rooting for the city. ”Ty Lue on LA fans.

“I know there are a lot of Lakers fans here, but being eliminated the Clippers are the last team to represent the city. They should support us and support us for Los Angeles. “

Without being able to encourage LeBron James and others in this postseason, the Lakers Nation should according to him do the same for his Clips, in an approach of “good Angeleno”. An innocent proposal, which however earned him strong returns on the networks. It would appear that his targets were not thrilled by his suggestion.

Yeah that’ll never happen. I’ll cheer for boston in a boston vs clippers game before I allow that blasphemy

Yeah, that’s never gonna happen. I will support Boston in a Celtics-Clippers game before I let this blasphemy happen.

Some Purple&Gold fans don’t hesitate to point out Lue’s liabilities … to the Lakers, to make this statement utter nonsense.

I just giggled out loud. Ty Lue played for the Lakers, he knows how this great city operates!

I just burst out laughing. Ty Lue played for the Lakers, he knows how this beautiful city works!

So you have to believe that Tyronn Lue and his men will have to do without the help of the Lakers fans in their streak against the Suns. This one promises anything with the show, and will start already this Sunday.

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