The results and standings of the North American Basketball Championship (NBA) after the matches played on Tuesday:

Gastronomic evening Tuesday in the NBA, with three chefs in the kitchen: LeBron James for an appetizer with the Lakers in Houston, Joel Embiid for a main course for Philadelphia against Miami, Kevin Durant for an irresistible dessert for Brooklyn against Denver.

Quiet evening for the Lakers who, like 48 hours earlier, walked on the floor of Houston (117-100) to establish their domination in the West thanks to this 9th success in 12 matches.

James was again the guide of L.A. with 26 points (8 assists, 5 rebounds), well helped by Anthony Davis imperial in defense (19 pts, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks).

The image of the match, which has been around social networks, is this basket behind the arc inscribed by the “King” who did not bother to see him enter, preferring to turn around, sure of his fact, towards his bench. His teammates, all excited, could not resist breaking the new distance of 1.80 m imposed by the league.

Also a way of rooming, which is customary Stephen Curry who lacked pep (20 pts) during the home setback of the Warriors against Indiana (104-95).

Rockets side, it gets bogged down and it crisis: James Harden lacked address (5/16, 16 pts, 7 rebounds, 6 assists) and with John Wall (10 pts) each is working to play in turn rather than together.

Frustrated, the “Beard” reiterated his desire to leave: “I love this city, I really did everything I could. This situation is crazy, I don’t think it can get better “. Wall cropped it: “Come on man, do you want to get off the ship after just nine matches already?” Atmosphere.

Still deprived of Kyrie Irving, absent for four matches for personal reasons and who is the subject of an investigation by the NBA for violation of the anti-Covid protocol, the Nets overthrew Denver (122-116), erasing 18 points behind in the 3rd quarter.

“KD”, who touched the triple-double (34 pts, 13 assists, 9 rebounds), was decisive in the “money-time” with six points in a row which gave a decisive lead (120-113) to 27 seconds from the end. Caris LeVert (20 pts, 6 assists) also brought out of the bench.

Opposite, Nikola Jokic performed as usual (23 pts, 11 assists, 8 rebounds), but neither he, nor Jamal Murray (20 pts) could go the distance for the Nuggets, where the young Bol Bol , child of the ball, son of the former giant Manute Bol, had his first tenure (5 pts).

After this 6th defeat in 11 games, Denver slipped to 10th in the West. Brooklyn, again in balance (6-6), climbs to 7th place in the East.

Decimated by absences due to the coronavirus, Sixers and Heat, who each played with eight players, the minimum required by the league, nonetheless fought a formidable battle, finally won by the first after extra time (137-134) .

Joel Embiid (45 points, 16 rebounds, 5 steals, 4 assists) managed almost on his own to revive Philadelphia which remained on three defeats. His 14 points in 3 min 30 sec in the 3rd quarter put his team in a good position and when Miami, meanwhile returned, thought they had won the match, it was he who equalized at 4 sec 3 / 10th of the siren.

During the “overtime”, he added 12 points, before the rookie Dakota Mathias made the long-distance basket which definitively repelled the Heat, deprived of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic, but admirable of resistance in the wake of the amazing Tyler Herro (34 pts, 7 rebounds).

Returned to negative (4-5), Miami slips to 10th place in the East where the 76ers keep their 2nd place (8-4).

Egyptian justice acquitted Tuesday on appeal two influencers sentenced to two years in prison for “undermining the values ​​of society” after the publication of videos on the social network TikTok, according to a judicial official.

“The appeals court accepted the appeal filed by Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham against their two-year imprisonment on charges of incitement to debauchery and undermining the values ​​of society, and the acquitted, “said the same source on condition of anonymity.

The two young women were sentenced in July 2020 to a two-year prison term for breach of morality.

Suspected of pimping, student Haneen Hossam was arrested in April after posting a video on TikTok announcing to her 1.3 million followers that girls could make money working with her on social media.

In May 2020, Mawada al-Adham, who has two million Instagram subscribers, in turn, was arrested after posting parody videos.

They are both among the dozen influencers who were arrested in 2020 for undermining morality, in the conservative country.

Kawhi Leonard was instrumental in the Clippers’ success in Chicago, unlike Kevin Durant, helpless during Brooklyn’s defeat against Oklahoma City on Sunday in the NBA where the Boston-Miami shock was postponed because of the coronavirus.

Rid of his facial protection which had bothered him for several matches, following a nudge from his teammate Serge Ibaka received in the mouth, “Terminator” regained all his sensations to allow the Clips to overcome the Bulls (130-127 ).

Two days after his team’s embarrassing defeat against Golden State after squandering 20 points in advance, he set an example in the 3rd quarter, scoring 21 of his 35 points (7/9 behind the arc) , to exceed the 10,000 mark since the start of his career.

A performance he soberly attributed “to hard work and dedication”. “I get involved every day and I have my mind set on a goal,” commented the man who is seeking a third league title after those won in 2014 with San Antonio and 2019 with Toronto.

Carried by the address (27 pts, 9/12 on shots) of Anthony Davis, LA won without forcing in Houston (120-102) where the match was folded at the break (19 pts difference) .

LeBron James made a full copy (18 pts, 7 assists, 7 rebounds), not without being scared by receiving a blow to the head from DeMarcus Cousins, excluded for this technical foul, the second after a first consecutive to an altercation with Markieff Morris.

With this 8th success in 11 matches, the Lakers are back in first position in the West ahead of Phoenix. The Rockets, where James Harden was limited to 20 points (9 assists) still do not take off (13th).

For his reunion with the Thunder, where he played eight seasons, Kevin Durant could not prevent the defeat of the Nets on their floor (129-116). Back after ten days of quarantine (contact case), he nevertheless shone (36 pts, 11 rebounds) in the persistent absence of Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn, whose record returns to negative (5 wins, 6 losses), sank in the third quarter (37-18). His defensive largesse benefited Shai Gilgeous Alexander (31 pts to 11/16, 7 assists) and rookie Hamidou Diallo (25 pts) off the bench.

And it was easy, since the Nuggets, where Nikola Jokic was still the most prominent (22 pts, 10 rebounds, 5 assists), had 21 lengths ahead at halftime, without their opponents not the then reduce. NY side, only Julius Randle (29 pts, 10 rebounds, 5 assists) survived.

The remake of the 2019 Finals turned to the advantage (106-105) of Golden State at the expense of Toronto,

Cameroonian winger Pascal Siakam, author of a solid performance (25 pts, 11 rebounds) saw his attempt at the buzzer fail by nothing. Frustrating for the Raptors, beaten for the 7th time in 9 games.

For the Warriors, this 6th victory (4 defeats) was all the more difficult to obtain as Stephen Curry passed through (2/16 on shots, 11 pts, 9 rebounds, 6 assists), but their collective works well.

In Detroit, a great first quarter-time (34-19), in the wake of Donovan Mitchell (28 pts) and a defensive tightening in the money-time around Rudy Gobert (19 rebounds, 4 blocks, 4 pts) allowed in Utah to contain the Detroit Pistons (96-86). This success keeps Jazz (6-4) at the top of the ranking in the West.