NBA 24/24 »NBA – Trae Young still crucified by Internet users for viral cheating

Trae Young apparently has everything to be loved by the fans … But in recent weeks his ability to attract the whistles of referees annoys. This Wednesday against the Celtics, the leader of the Hawks was heckled on social networks after another viral cheating.

Trae Young has everything to become one of the favorite players of basketball fans … He is spectacular as possible thanks to his shots from the logo and his swaying handles that drive the defenders crazy, and he has a physique of Mr. All. A world that makes it easy to identify with him when he goes up against the giants in the paint … It is not for nothing that he was voted in the starting 5 of the last All-Star Game.

Unfortunately this season, the Hawks point guard seems to be alienating some of the public and his opponents for a simple reason: he bends the rules to get almost imaginary fouls. Steve Nash had set it on fire for that! And against the Celtics on Wednesday, Ice Trae put it back …

Hope Trae Young is okay 🙏 Not sure how Jaylen Brown wasn’t ejected, but there’s no place for fouls like this in the NBA

After this umpteenth controversial action, Internet users have let themselves go to express their frustration with this situation that the NBA does not seem determined to resolve. The Hawks point guard must have had whistling ears all night long.

trae’s exploiting the refs and it’s working for him. can’t be mad at him but the refs gotta get their shit together cause this is unacceptable

Trae exploits the referees and it works. We can’t blame him, the referees have to pull themselves together because it is unacceptable.

i’m sorry but i can’t defend brown anymore. what he did was very wrong i am becoming a facundo campazzo account now

I’m sorry, but I can’t defend Jaylen Brown anymore. What he did on that action was terrible and I will become a support account for Facundo Campazzo after that.

I’d rather see a bare knuckle fist fight in the streets than watch trae young tbh

I’d rather see an unarmed boxing fight on the street than see Trae Young.

If this fault has made the rounds of social networks, we should not take away his big game from Trae Young. With 40 points, the point guard has joined LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Shaquille O’Neal in history! And he’s only gone to the free throw line 8 times, proof that he didn’t particularly deceive the referees against the Celtics.

The NBA will have to look into it at one point or another… Trae Young plays the punches well when he wants a whistle, but it slows down the pace of the meetings considerably, which is frustrating for the players, and the spectators.