NBA 24/24 »NBA – The savage and merciless reaction of Ja Morant’s father to his son’s 47 points

Very good since the start of the playoffs, Ja Morant released a dantesque performance in Game 2 against Jazz. Unfortunately, this was not enough, enough to elicit a rather cash reaction from his father.

This Saturday night, the Jazz and the Grizzlies meet for the rest of this first round of the playoffs. Now that Donovan Mitchell has returned, Quin Snyder’s men have every intention of ending this streak, but there is still a long way to go. At just 1-1, everything remains to be done, and count on Memphis to be very eye-catching.

Even though Ja Morant’s teammates are not the favorites, they have shown that they should definitely not be underestimated. The leader was huge in Game 2 with no less than 47 units. Not bad for a 21-year-old, although it wasn’t enough to take the win.

For Game 3, he obviously hopes it will be different, just like his father, Tee. The latter just commented on his son’s performance in Game 2, and let’s just say he’s not really excited. The victory is not at the end, so the dad expects more from his offspring. A challenge that does not displease the interested party.

Tee Morant on what he had to say to his son after his record-breaking 47-point performance in Game 2: “Nothing. If he had 60, they would’ve won the game.”

Tee Morant on what to say to his son after his record and 47 points in Game 2: “Nothing. If he had scored 60 points, they would have won the game. “

he really didn’t tell me nothing. no good game or nothing lol. i knew his message was “so, wasn’t enough” so i tweeted it 😂

He really had nothing to say, no “good game” or something lol. I knew his message was ‘it wasn’t enough’, so I tweeted that 😂

This is how Tee Morant seeks to motivate her thread for the rest of the series. Can Ja do better than 47 points, and especially offer success to his teammates? Start of response in a few hours for Game 3.