NBA 24/24 »NBA – Steph Curry reveals new nickname Andrew Wiggins won after his progression

Long criticized for his lack of impact and nonchalant demeanor, Andrew Wiggins is slowly finding his rhythm with the Warriors. Stephen Curry is well aware of this, and he has found a perfect nickname for his teammate, which illustrates his progress.

At the start of the season, the Warriors seemed destined to fight for a top pick in the next Draft… Indeed, the first two meetings against the Nets and the Bucks were very disturbing, both defensive and offensive. Stephen Curry seemed to be the only real threat in this self-righteous team.

But in just one month, Steve Kerr has managed to restore order to his squad, and Golden State currently has a satisfactory record of 8 wins for 6 losses, enough to point to 5th place in a still strong Western Conference. . The reason behind this turnaround? The progression of some executives.

Already, Draymond Green’s return from injury has had a clear impact on morale. If his statistics are not the most impressive, his mere presence has freed a Steph in MVP mode for a few weeks. And what about Andrew Wiggins, who has returned to a decent level? In fact, the Canadian is now entitled to a very flattering nickname in the locker room!

Steph gives Andrew Wiggins a nice compliment – says the Warriors have been calling him “Two-way Wiggs” because of his improvement on the defensive end. “He’s proven he can definitely make an impact on that end of the floor.”

Stephen Curry just paid Andrew Wiggins a nice compliment: he just revealed that the Warriors are now calling him “Two-Way Wiggs”, based on his progress in defense.

Forgotten the nickname “Mapple Jordan” (the Canadian Michael Jordan, editor’s note), which even Steve Kerr found ridiculous! Now it’s up to “Two-Way Wiggs”, a player capable of impacting both racquets. A nickname that fits her current form perfectly, and gives hope to all Warriors fans. Stephen Curry may not be as lonely as some people think he is.

Hopefully for the Warriors that Wiggins will continue on its good momentum! He may be Golden State’s key to the season, and if he gets any better, no one is going to want to face this team in the playoffs!