Famous analyst Jason Whitlock, on his show “Fearless,” notably took issue with LeBron James, comparing him pejoratively to other legends in American sport. The topic was about the mark he will leave in history after he retires.

“LeBron is going to age badly after his career. He will not be loved like Muhammad Ali and Magic Johnson are. Ali stood against the war in Vietnam. Magic fought AIDS with dignity. Ali and Magic fought against something real and dangerous. LeBron? Well, he compared himself to Emmett Till’s mother after an unidentified bandit tagged the back gate of his $ 20M mansion. Oh, and he did. Said he was petrified of going outside. LeBron is a true defender of freedom. American basketball is in a worse situation than the one LeBron found him in. That’s what made him. separates from Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell. 30 years ago, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird led the Dream Team to the 1992 Olympics, and there were debates over whether the NBA would surpass US football as America’s favorite pastime. They took a promotional tour to B arcelona, ​​represented American excellence and made us proud. From now on, we are filled with indifference, “he explained in remarks relayed by Let’s Talk Basketball.

Ref: https://www.hommedumatch.fr