NBA 24/24 »NBA – In the middle of a family drama, Steph Curry’s message for Seth

Now is not necessarily the time to party for the Curries, who are going through tough times. In this context, Steph nevertheless made a point of addressing his brother Seth, on the occasion of a special date for him.

In recent years, the siblings of NBA players have had pride of place in the league. That of Antetokounmpo is making the headlines these days, thanks to the coronation of Giannis and Thanasis as champions. Those of Lopez, Holiday and Morris still stand out on the floors, and should continue to do so for many years to come. Obviously, this also applies to the two main representatives of the Curry family.

Worthy successors to their father, Dell, Seth and Stephen Curry have made their respective franchise happy in recent months. While one blazed as he knows so well as a Sixers shooter, the other finished leading scorer this season, and led the Warriors into the play-in. Both are, however, going through a more difficult time in recent days, on a private level this time around.

The latest information concerning the famous tribe thus points to a divorce proceeding initiated by their two parents. News that is never easy for children to digest, even when they are already over 30 years old. And while neither of them has wanted to react to this scoop yet, Steph wrote a few words for his little brother on Monday for a very special occasion.

Happy birthday to my guy @sdotcurry 🙌🏽 A real one among the real ones… Incredible to see the way you make your own happiness and that of yours! I love you bro # 31 # YearOfReggie

Born on the same day as a certain Kobe Bryant, Seth was celebrating his 31st birthday. A symbolic number for him, since he shows it on his jersey in Philadelphia.

The celebration of this anniversary, however, had to take place under special conditions. It is indeed a safe bet that Sonya and Dell, given their current marital situation, could not have wished to be gathered around the same table to celebrate this event. The youngest sibling may be satisfied with being able to count on the unwavering love of his eldest child!

Undoubtedly shaken by the official break-up of his parents, Steph Curry did not forget to wish Seth’s 31st birthday. Attention that must have warmed the hearts of the 76ers full-back.