(CNN) – Less than two months before the regular season notice, the NBA requires that referees and other staff working with players during the 2021-22 season be fully vaccinated.

“All Referees must be fully vaccinated unless they have a religious or medical exception. The referees have also agreed to take all recommended boosters, “the league said in a statement on Saturday. “Any referee who is not vaccinated and is not exempted will be banned from working games.”

The NBA said it has reached an agreement with the National Basketball Referees Association on mandatory vaccination.

The regular season starts on October 19th. NBA players do not need to be vaccinated, but some teams ask fans who attend games to provide proof of vaccination.

The league also sent a memo to teams on Friday stating that all employees involved in Players or referees must be fully vaccinated for the season.

“Any team personnel whose role or access has personal interaction with or activities within four feet of (1) players, (2) referees, or ( 3) includes other team members who play a role that includes a personal role, interaction with or activities within four feet of each player or referee “must be vaccinated by October 1st,” says in the memo received from CNN.

Match day staff must be vaccinated at the team’s first home game in the preseason. The preseason begins on October 3rd.

Any employee who is not fully vaccinated has no interaction with players or referees and must always wear a face mask in team facilities, according to the memo.

Unvaccinated employees are not allowed to sit on the bench during games, are not allowed in the locker rooms, weight rooms or training rooms, are not allowed to attend face-to-face meetings, and cannot travel with the team.

This story was first posted on CNN. com published, “NBA Requests Covid-19 Vaccinations for Referees and Others Who Work with Players”.

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