In this year that is already unlike any other, the return to work is therefore later than usual. With a health crisis that has disrupted habits for more than eighteen months, and six months before the presidential election, scheduled for April 10 and 24, 2022, the trade unions have chosen Tuesday October 5 to make their voices heard and influence the national debate. All over France, rallies will stir up all the dissatisfaction.

The call for a rally on October 5 was launched on August 30 by an inter-union made up of CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU, as well as Fidl, MNL , lâ ???? Unef and lâ ???? UNL for young people. Many industries, both public and private, are expected to be affected. Thus, in the national education, the SNUipp-FSU, for the 1st degree, and the Snes-FSU, for the second, call on their members to take their “destiny in hand” “.

Disruptions are also possible in transport. Several SNCF unions are mobilized, and urban transport networks could also be affected: in Bordeaux, for example, more than twenty bus lines will be affected. Public services could also be affected: the City of La Rochelle announces that it will “not be able to operate the usual school catering service” and that the reception Extracurricular could “be disrupted”. It is strongly recommended to get information from your town hall.

The main demands relate to the defense of employment and the question of wages, in particular vis-à-vis young people. “The anger and the awareness that there is money, but that it is not redistributed in the direction of the employees, are more and more important ”, estimates CÃ © line Verzeletti, confederal secretary of the CGT.

Opponents of the unemployment insurance reform, which came into effect on Friday, are also expected to be numerous. Another point of vigilance, the question of pensions, which continues to hover over the end of Emmanuel Macron’s mandate. The denunciation of the health pass will also be one of the words of ?? order. The CGT says it is hostile to this instrument and to compulsory vaccination, measures qualified as “liberticidal”.

Demonstrations are scheduled in most cities across the country. “We are going to reach 200 assembly points, it is a first indication which is positive for us”, congratulated Céline Verzeletti. “On October 5, it was in our interest to give a strong signal,” adds Yves Veyrier, secretary general of Force Ouvrière.

In the South-West, demonstrations are planned in Bordeaux (11.30 am, place de la Rà © publique), Agen (2 pm, place de la prefecture), Pau (10.30 am, place de Verdun) , La Rochelle (10.30 am, place de la Motte rouge), Saintes (10.30 am, courthouse), Pà © rigueux (10.30 am, courthouse), Mont-de-Marsan (10 am, train station) and Bayonne (10.30 am, place Sainte-Ursule).