Direction Avranches for the third trip this season from the Laval Stadium. After last week’s victory, the Tango coach made some strong choices for this meeting. Competition is in full swing at the Laval Stadium.

You don’t change a winning team, the saying goes. But that’s not really the view of Laval coach Olivier Frapolli: “I don’t attach any importance to it, because that would mean that when you win everything is good and when you lose everything is bad. You know very well that is not the case, football is not like that. “

Without knowing the starting 11 yet, we know that there will be changes. Because there are surprises in the group of 16 players who were called for the trip to Avranches. Yasser Baldé, Remy Duterte and Randi Goteni leave the group. The central defender Baldé was holder in the first four matches, the left side Duterte, holder in each game since the start of the season. Olivier Frapolli explains: “there are few players who have not been a substitute at least once since the start of the season. Of course, there is a base but around this base, things change, depending on performance. You can’t be 100% efficient in all matches. ” Like last week, Baptiste Etcheverria and Yohan Brun are not in the group of 16.

On the other hand, Edson Seidou is back in the group, after playing two minutes at Bastia-Borgo. He should be starting in the left lane. Another return, that of Jordan Adéoti who was in selection in recent days. It is also the first appearance in the group this season of Marvin Baudry. The 31-year-old defender played and scored last Saturday with the Stade Laval B team.

So there is a lot of competition in the team this season. The Mayenne coach is delighted: “This competition, it was our will in the project from the start. It works well and it must remain a very healthy competition. I told the players that I was not going to give away explanations every weekend, but my office was open. Every week, I have discussions with certain players to explain my choices and my decisions. “

Finally, the latest changes concern the goalkeeper position. Théo Châtelain gives up his number 2 place to Maxime Hautbois who played 90 minutes with Sébastien Desmazeau’s team.

Avranches / Laval, kick off at 7 p.m. A meeting to live on France Bleu Mayenne with David Ledauphin, Gildas Menguy and the football consultant of France Bleu Mayenne, Ulrich Le Pen.

Goalkeepers: Alexis Sauvage, Maxime Hautbois Defenders: Maxence Carlier, Pierrick Cros, Edson Seidou, Bryan Goncalves, Kevin Perrot, Marvin Baudry Midfielders: Rayan Ferhaoui, Jimmy Roye, Julien Maggiotti, Jordan Adéoti Attackers: Geoffray Durbant, Sébastien F Da Silumu, François-Xavier , Kader N’Chobi Injured: Ludéric Etonde Choice of coach: Théo Châtelain, Atila Fontinha, Yazid Aït Moujane, Yasser Baldé, Baptiste Etcheverria, Remy Duterte, Randi Goteni, Yohan Brun

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