A semi-trailer transporting plastics has been on fire on the A9 at Armissan since 2 p.m. this Friday. The motorway is currently cut in both directions.

Around 2 p.m. this Friday, a fire broke out on a semi-trailer transporting plastics on the A9 motorway. He was stopped on the emergency lane, at the level of the municipality of Armissan, in the direction of Béziers-Perpignan. No injuries are to be deplored. On the other hand, an impressive plume of smoke emerges from the heavyweight. As a result, Vinci Autoroutes decided to close the traffic lanes in both directions, while waiting for the fire to be brought under control. The firefighters are on site, with two vans at the site of the disaster and four forest firefighting trucks near the highway.

3.35 p.m .: ⚠️In the direction of Spain after exit 36 ​​Béziers Ouest, the firefighters intervene on a burning heavy vehicle. Traffic is completely interrupted in both directions of traffic. # A9 #InfoTrafic pic.twitter.com/qSOWUGk2aP

Vinci Autoroutes teams are also mobilized to allow the firefighters to intervene on the burning heavy goods vehicle, then to evacuate it in order to restore normal traffic conditions as quickly as possible.

This event created a 5 km traffic jam in the direction of Spain and 6 km in the direction of Lyon. As a result, traffic management measures have been put in place: compulsory exit and entry prohibited for all vehicles at Béziers Ouest n ° 36 towards Spain. Mandatory exits and entries prohibited for all vehicles at Narbonne Sud n ° 38 and Narbonne Est n ° 37 towards Lyon. Vinci Autoroutes recommends that you be well informed before any trip in this area.

3:03 p.m .: ⚠️ # A9, traffic is cut off in both directions following a truck on fire between Béziers and Narbonne. Exit compulsory and entry prohibited 36 Béziers Ouest dir. Esp. Exit compulsory and entry prohibited 38 Narbonne Sud dir. Lyon. Listen to @ Radio1077 #InfoTrafic

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