Behind the shutters of the Longwood house, through a hole, Napoleon observed the English soldiers who, every evening, posted themselves 20 paces away to watch him. He wanted to see without being seen. He was thinking of his destiny.

Dark escarpments, 200-meter cliffs, Saint Helena looks like a prison. It will be his. After three months at sea, first contact with this island lost in the middle of the South Atlantic. For English ships, Saint Helena was a stopover on their return from India. Napoleon left his mark there. A street even bears his name. And in the local archives, on the ink of the registers which had dried for a long time, an event is recorded: the arrival of a boat on October 15, 1815. Bonaparte was written there in Corsican fashion. The English refused him the title of emperor even if in the cartoons, he is represented as a giant on a ridiculous islet.

The Longwood house where he was reclusive was later bought by Napoleon III. England had accepted on condition that the Hexagon maintains an official representation there.

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