For two days, Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 April 2021, traffic cuts will take place on the A11 motorway and part of the Nantes ring road.

At a complete stop. Traffic cuts will be necessary this week on several road sections in the agglomeration of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), on the A11 motorway as well as on the eastern ring road, due to the relocation of a high-voltage line in the framework of the site of the Porte de Gesvres.

This power line, located above the current Porte de Gesvres interchange, will be isolated from the network, placed on the ground before being cut and evacuated by RTE, the operator of the electricity transmission network. The new line will then be connected and then retensioned on the final pylons.

A delicate operation that will take place in two stages, Tuesday April 27 and Thursday April 29, announces Vinci Autoroutes on its website.

The work of the Porte de Gesvres, declared of public utility in early 2021, aims to create two new 2 × 2 lanes between the Portes de Rennes and La = [” Wine “,” electric “,” killed “,” sport “,” closing “,” closing “];

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