According to firefighters, a broken pipe caused a flood this Sunday, April 18 at the level of the Censive du Tertre path, north of Nantes. The road is partially destroyed, but the cars in the parking lot were not hit.

A drinking water pipe one meter in diameter broke and caused a flood on the way to the Tertre censive on Sunday April 18. The firefighters intervened around 6 a.m., but did not need to pump the water which drained directly into a stream next door.

According to the first estimates of the firefighters, there was up to “one meter and fifty” of water on the road, and “the road is partially destroyed”. However, no home was affected, and traffic on Boulevard du Petit Port was not affected. This incident does not affect the swimming pool, which remains open.

The water spread to the parking lot on the other side of the road, sometimes touching the sills of the cars, specify the firefighters. No vehicle was damaged. Once the water was completely evacuated, we could indeed see trails of mud in some places of the parking lot.

It is a drinking water pipe that broke, but the Nantes metropolis water service specifies that this does not impact the city’s drinking water network.

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