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Nagui has the easy way. But this Monday, September 20 in The Original Soundtrack, the show’s jokes theme around the Grégory Villemin affair did not really have the desired effect on one of the drama’s investigators.

There are sensitive themes that joking around is not really tasteful. Although we can laugh at everything, the consequences can sometimes be serious. Tex knows this all too well. While a guest on a show on C8, the iconic host of Z’amours played too much on domestic violence. As a result, Tex was fired and the France 2 program was entrusted to Bruno Guillon. This Monday, September 20, Nagui did not suffer as much lightning but was slapped on the fingers. On the occasion of the broadcast on TF1 of the miniseries A French Affair, retracing the impossible investigation into the murder of Grégory Villemin, Mélanie Page’s husband received Laurence Arné and Guillaume de Tonquédec, actors in fiction. As the good humor of the show requires, jokes are always welcome and the team was in good shape this morning: “What can we do as a blind test around the Grégory affair?” launched Nagui. To which Daniel Morin, one of his columnists, replied: “All the songs about swimming”. If the line, far from being the only one, was a good laugh, there is one behind the scenes who was not on the same wavelength as the others.

After the comedians appeared on the airwaves, Nagui and his partner Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi received Etienne Sesmat, the colonel in charge of the investigation into the Grégory affair in the first months following his death. As close as possible to the real protagonists and to the seriousness of the drama, Etienne Sesmat told Nagui that not all subjects were conducive to having a good time.

“Let me tell you, I didn’t like the jokes at the start of the show,” Etienne Sesmat said very kindly. I know that’s part of the genre, you’re a variety show that I enjoy but I think you can’t laugh at everything. “If this declaration of the colonel could have caused unease, Nagui perfectly understood the speech of his guest and” respects “him:” It is true that the exercise of this program is to have a part of humor and a share, I hope in any case, of substance which allowed you to express yourselves on this affair, in complete freedom and clarity ”. More fear than harm !

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