Nabilla Benattia has come a long way since her reality TV debut. It was in 2013 that she broke the screen on NRJ12 in Les Anges 5, thanks to her famous line “Hello, no, but allo what! “. She then experienced a meteoric rise and even had the opportunity to parade for Jean-Paul Gaultier and to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.

However, she will get intoxicated by the excesses of stardom and even go through jail after stabbing her husband, Thomas Vergara, during a heated argument. Which earned him real media harassment. A dark period to which the brunette was kind enough to return in an interview with Télé-Loisirs.

In one of the episodes of her docu-reality which will be broadcast from November 26, 2021, on Prime Video, Nabilla confessed to having suffered a lot from the treatment she suffered by the press, desperate to find the scoops of the regarding :

Frankly, at one point, I was fed up. I couldn’t take this relentlessness anymore. I wanted to die.

Every day there were new articles about me. With new degrading rumors. I turned off my phone, but as soon as I got out I saw the covers of the magazines. As soon as I turned on my TV, I heard my name. They invented a life for me, things that I had not done.

A reporter from this magazine called my father at work. They captioned something he had never said on the cover. They had the headline “I’m ashamed of my daughter”. At 20, seeing that, when you haven’t seen your dad for ten years, it kills you. It was in those moments that I thought of dying …

After her parents’ divorce, when she was 13, Nabilla had a long conflicting relationship with her father. Fortunately, tensions have now subsided and Khoutir Benattia even recently made the trip to Dubai to meet his grandson.

Now that she is one of the most followed influencers in France, with more than six million subscribers, the mother of little Milann has learned to better manage her image. The 29-year-old explained that her dealings with the media have improved greatly:

Today people are super caring and respectful to me. When I’m on sale, I like to tour the TV shows. It allows me to give my opinion on the news, to interact with journalists.

Almost ten years after making herself known, Nabilla Benattia has also made it clear that she is no longer a white goose and no longer intends to be ridiculed on the air:

I also find it easier to put people in their place today. I gained more experience. At the time, I was the lamb in the fold. It was: “Come on, invite him and beat him …”.

Journalists have been warned! As for you, are you going to watch this new program which traces the evolution of Nabilla Benattia? If so, see you on November 26 on Prime Video!

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