Parents of an adorable child, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are already thinking of conceiving a second!

Since Milann’s birth in October 2019, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have been living on a cloud. The two reality TV stars want to expand the family and are already thinking about their second child. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Since her first TV appearances, Nabilla has changed a lot. Mocked by many at that time, she is now the head of a veritable empire.

“This image had become so strong that people did not want to understand that I had changed, that over time, I was no longer the same woman,” says the blogger behind the microphones of Femme Actuelle.

“I keep this side of me in mind, but you have to know how to put it aside and open your eyes to what I have become”, she continues then.

Renowned influencer, accomplished businesswoman, the one who shares her life with handsome Thomas Vergara is also a fulfilled mother.

In October 2019, the couple gave birth to their very first child. Since Milann’s arrival, the two stars have been living on a cloud!

They do not let go with one sole, so they do not hesitate to flaunt themselves by his side. The little prince appears everywhere on their social networks!

In this same interview, Nabilla then confides on her desires for a large family. She and her husband finally seem ready to conceive a second child!

“Milann is two years old, he’s already a real little boy. We do not know when exactly, but we feel that it will soon be the moment, advances the pretty brunette. Besides, for my son, it would be a dream. He told us, he wants a little brother to have fun and play with. “

Nothing seems to be able to stop the very famous influencer. At the age of 29, Nabilla has followed a series of projects, but above all, very big successes!

Very active on social networks, the former reality TV candidate is a delight to her millions of fans. With it, internet users never really have time to be bored.

They thus follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention on a daily basis, in search of new little nuggets.

And for once, there are a lot of them! Between the photos, the fashion and beauty tips, the little moments with her son and the original announcements, there is plenty to do.

As a result, Nabilla has nearly 7 million subscribers on Instagram, the showcase of her best shots. Yes, you read that correctly!

She thus emerges as one of the most popular, influential and inspiring French bloggers of the moment. High class !

One thing is certain then, the one who shares her life with the handsome Thomas Vergara has not finished talking about her. But how will she surprise her fans next time?

Without a doubt with the documentary dedicated to his journey, available November 26, 2021 on Prime Video.

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