In “Da Vinci Code”, broadcast on Friday, October 29, 2021, he plays the solitary investigator. In everyday life, he never goes out without his partner. Married for 33 years to Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks seems to spin the perfect love with the mother of senses children. Between them, it all started on the set of the sitcom “Bosom Buddies”. While the actor starred in the lead for two years, Rita only made a cameo appearance in one episode. The chemistry is there, but Tom Hanks is already married to his childhood sweetheart Samantha Lewes, with whom he had Colin (born 1977) and Elizabeth (born 1982). It was only four years later that the duo found themselves on the set of the film “The Volunteers”, released in 1985. “Rita and I, we looked at each other and – badaboum – that was it,” said the actor in the American press. Barely divorced, he appears on the arm of the actress and takes her for his wife on April 30, 1988 in Los Angeles. A great ceremony unveiled in the press. For his beauty, of Greek and Bulgarian nationality, the interpreter of “Forrest Gump” becomes orthodox. The couple gave birth to Chester in 1990 and Truman in 1995.

33 years later, the duo still seem happy. On their wedding anniversary in 2021, the actress wrote on Instagram: “33 years of marriage to my best friend, my lover, my man. Love is victorious.” United for better or for worse, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson face more than one event together. Among them, the illness of the mother. In 2015, Margarita Ibrahimoff, her real name, underwent a double mastectomy to fight her breast cancer. A painful moment, which brings her closer to her companion as she confided in the columns of People magazine. “Last week, with my husband by my side, the love and support of our family and friends, I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction after being diagnosed with breast cancer,” she explained. Well surrounded, the producer was lucky to benefit from “early care and very good doctors”.

Before adding: “A friend who had breast cancer suggested that I have a second opinion and my gut told me it was the right thing to do. A doctor then diagnosed invasive cells. (…) I share this to let everyone know that a second opinion can be crucial for your health. I hope this will encourage others to seek another doctor and trust their instincts if something goes wrong. not”. In the columns of France Dimanche, the actor returned to this painful period: “Rita knew that she was ill in December, which means that the Christmas and New Years that followed were totally different from the previous ones. . She was in treatment for nine months. Nine months which were very trying. Frankly, I can only bow to her strength of character and her desire to always remain positive. ” Before adding with admiration: “She was the one who made all the decisions. When you are faced with such a serious problem, you have to know how to deal with it. We were lucky to have access to very good treatments. . And we are aware of that. Everything else was entirely up to Rita’s choice, and I find it brave whatever the decision. “

Singer, Rita Wilson writes a song called “Throw Me A Party” after her cancer. A text in which she shares her last wishes with her husband: “If something happens to me and I have to leave before you do, I want you to know that there are one or two things that I would like you to do for me. The first is that I want you to be super sad for a super long time … I’ll come to haunt you if not. ” The second: “It’s that I would like a party! I would like to have a big celebration, that people sing, that they dance, that they tell stories. And that’s where this song started from.”

In early 2020, Tom Hanks and his wife were among the first celebrities to contract Covid-19 during a stay in Australia. Hospitalized on site then quarantined before being able to return home, they share their experience on social networks to make their fans aware of barrier gestures. “I was exhausted. I was sore all over, I felt bad, I couldn’t stand being touched and that’s when the fever started. I was shivering like I had never shivered. very strong nausea, dizziness. I couldn’t walk, my muscles were so weak, describes Rita Wilson. I think people really need to be careful with this drug. We are not sure if it is beneficial ” , testifies the wife of the actor.

Asked by France Dimanche about his secret to making his marriage in Hollywood last, the Oscar-winning actor recalled: “Already, you have to choose the right person! This is the basis”. As for loyalty, he said with humor: “You have to be smart enough so that she does not go with another! And that, you see, is a sacred challenge that goes through love, complicity , respect and mutual trust! Without mutual trust, marriage ends badly! Ineluctably, the couple explodes! And this, whether you are an actor in Hollywood or a banker in Oklahoma City “. Before adding with humor: “If you have the feeling that in the world of cinema, couples do not make old bones, it is quite simply because the media are more interested in them than in bankers. Oklahoma City “. A speech, which he concluded with a declaration of love to his beautiful: “Me, I’ve loved Rita for years! I was 29 when I met her and I immediately knew she was the woman of my life! There’s no secret! Just luck and love at first sight! What’s the divorce rate in America? Frankly, I don’t know! This What I do know, on the other hand, is that my father remarried three times and my mother four! It just goes to show that the divorce gene is not transmitted automatically “.

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