On television tonight on W9 and streaming: Mylène Farmer, sans contrefaçon (2020). Info and opinion from Bulles de Culture on this documentary dedicated to the Franco-Canadian star and rebroadcast from Wednesday, December 29.

Through the key moments of her career, you will discover the secrets of the success of this extraordinary artist whom nothing however predestined to become a huge star. How did Mylène Farmer manage to stand out from other singers of her generation? What ideas, revolutionary for the time, boosted the popularity of the performer? What messages, always daring, are hidden behind the lyrics of his hits? Why is the artist so rare on television? And more surprisingly, why has she repeatedly failed to give up the song?

Excerpt from Bulles de Culture’s review of the documentary Mylène Farmer, without forgery written on the occasion of a previous broadcast on W9:

In addition to the pleasure of seeing the face of Sophie Tellier, the actress who played the rival of the cult character of Libertine, among the many recycled comments – yes, yes -, we still appreciate the musical analysis made around Mum is wrong, the first hit of the singer who, it is true, was 20 years ahead of her melody, but also her lyrics.

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