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Mylène Demongeot has come a long way. The year 2020 has been particularly trying for the actress. After being a victim of Covid-19 spending several days between life and death, the star of the Camping saga was overtaken by her peritoneal cancer. Out victorious from her fight against the epidemic, Mylène Demongeot subsequently thanked Professor Raoult, whom she considers responsible for this remission, by writing a book paying homage to him. After having put her story on paper, the actress and her fans long for the release of the book, but once again, fate fails her. “The book in which I thank Professor Raoult for saving me after my attack of the Covid is unfortunately on hold,” she confides in France Dimanche.

The epidemic having propelled Didier Raoult to the rank of quickly criticized star, because of his controversial remarks, in particular on the treatment with chloroquine and on the vaccination, the famous professor is today in full turmoil. This is why Mylène Demongeot has a hard time getting her work published: “Even though I have finished writing it, no publisher agrees to publish it. Four have already refused since it has been at the center of controversy. So maybe I’ll publish it on my own, on my own or on the Internet. “

While waiting to be able to read the story of Mylène Demongeot, the always valiant actress is showing in the police series of France 3, Capitaine Marleau, this October 22. For the first time, she gives the answer to Corinne Masiero, and is delighted: “I love Corinne Masiero, she makes me scream with laughter. I think she is one of the most gifted girls of her generation. shooting, we got along like a thief at the fair. ” After her cancer and the coronavirus, Mylène Demongeot found the strength to resume the path of filming: “You know, with the actors, it’s special. We may be sick, once on stage or in front of the camera, we draw somewhere unexpected energy. It’s magic. ” In February 2022, Mylène Demongeot will be back in the cinema with Maison de Retirement, a comedy directed by Thomas Gilou in which she plays Kev Adams.

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