Forty years ago, to the day, on September 29, 1981, the Indochine group performed for the first time in concert on the stage of Rose Bonbon, in Paris. A “Limousin” remembers it perfectly, Dominik Nicolas. And for good reason, as co-founder of the group (read box at the bottom of the page) – with Nicola Sirkis, who is still the singer – and composer, he was on stage.

“The Candy Pink was the box that all the bands that formed dreamed of playing,” recalls Dominik. Usually it was played only once. We played it four to five times. When you played at Rose bonbon, the Tout-Paris had seen the music press, the record companiesâ ?? ¦ Â »

“We were in the first groups to do this with Rita Mitsouko and Depeche mode”

What is confirmed. “This is where Didier Guinochet came to listen to us one evening and became our first producer”, confides Dominik. It must be said that from its beginnings, Indochina stood out.

“At first we played with a sequencer and tapes on stage,” says Dominik, “we had the rhythm spinning and we played on top of it. We were in the first groups to do this with Rita Mitsouko and Depeche mode. It was a break with the bands of the time. It created a whole new sound because it was actually very stiff. That’s what made it sound a bit electro. TO”

After “a first 45 round * Dizzidence politik with a good little success of esteem” in November 1981, Indochine released its first album Lâ ???? Aventurier on November 15, 1982.

Success is at the rendezvous and the group alternates tours, compositions and album recordings at a breakneck pace.

The opportunity for Dominik Nicolas to live beautiful experiences. “One of my greatest memories, the musician recalls, is the concerts in Peru. It was a shock, we arrived it was a bit third world, it was really hard. We had a crazy welcome, it worked very well. We arrived with three pieces of string and the people there, as we were playing in zeniths back then, they had rebuilt a cardboard zenith for us. “An improbable success for Indochina far from its bases which has not been denied. “The Peruvians always follow the group”, notes Dominik.

For the musician, “our first concert at the Zénith, in 1986, was a great moment in the middle of the period of album 3 which was going strong. A boiling hot audience. We were happy to be able to play in this structure dedicated to music and the public, quite stressed by the issue because we were expected at the turn, would we be able to? such a challengeâ ????? The slogan for this tour was “Indochina Plays”. The atmosphere and the magic were there and the album Indochine au Zénith (live) remains the living testimony of our adventure ”.

The Indochine adventure also allowed Dominik to forge strong memories in the region in which he is now settled, Limousin (in Corrèze more precisely). “I performed in Limousin with Indochine, in Guà © ret in 1986, in Limoges in 1984 and 1988. We had great concerts there, I had the impression of playing at home, in Limousin, my region of heart. TO”

The artist evokes “a particular emotion for the Limoges concert at the Palais des Sports in 1988, where the public gave us a warm welcome and in the stands, a nice surprise , my paternal grandmother had traveled from Crevant (Indre) to Limoges to come and applaud me in concert ”.

Indochina also offered Dominik great encounters. He remembers in particular having “played a piano / guitar / voice version of the 3rd sex with William Sheller on the piano, in a TV program of Jean-Louis Foulquier on FR3 in 1986”. In 1994, in disagreement with Nicola Sirkis, Dominik Nicolas left Indochina.

In thirteen years, he has composed six albums, Lâ ???? Aventurier, Le PÃ © ril jaune, 3, 7.000 dances, Le Baiser and Un Jour dans notre vie, with notably the hits, Lâ ???? Aventurier, Miss Paramount, 3 nights a week, Les Tzars, Punishment park and Savoure le rouge.

TO?? This title, it was requested on the occasion of the release by Indochine of the second part of Singles collection, covering the period 1981-2001. Â € œI was contacted when they made the remix album. We sent the pieces to me and I had the right to print to say “it’s good”, “it’s nâ ?? ?? is not good ??.

There have been songs that got remixed and others that are just mastered. The remixes, I had noticed some mistakes. As it is an Englishman – a good engineer by the way – who did the work, he hadn’t paid too much attention to the text, he had mixed up the lyrics and we ended up with versions that no longer conformed to the originals. Then there were things about the sounds that I liked. I validated everything that was remixed and the others we just did masterings, like for Lâ ???? Aventurier. TO”

It seems that his participation in the celebrations of 40 years of Indochina should be limited to that, however. Like Indochina fans, Dominik has heard rumors of his participation in the Central tour concert (s), postponed from 2021 to 2022 due to the Covid. At the moment, this does not appear to be the case. “I am not invited to participate in the Central tour concerts. The musician is not however closed to this eventuality.

Passionate about fishing, Dominik Nicolas appreciates Limousin, especially for its rivers. File photo: Pascal Perrouin Besides, Dominik still has music flowing in his veins, as he describes it, like fishing, his other passion, to which he devoted documentaries afterwards. Having left Indochina. He wants to re-edit his solo album La Beautà © de lâ ???? idà © e, released in 2015.

He even has other musical projects. Â € œI always have little tunes in my head that trot. I may have an EP project (Editor’s note: Extended play, between the single and the album) already. I started to work. I have some demos. I don’t have a career plan, it’s just a feeling. I have a few songs, I could do an EP in three to four months but I’m in no rush. I don’t have the pressure, the record company telling me I have to make an album. After that I don’t have the punching power of a big label behind me. It doesn’t matter because nowadays the Internet on its ugly sides as much as I don’t like but we can also go digital, it is very easy. We make a clip, we put it on Youtube. TO”

The confidences of Nicola Sirkis, singer and co-founder of Indochina, before his last concert at the Limoges zénith

The date chosen by Nicola Sirkis and Dominik Nicolas to create Indochine is not trivial, it is May 10, 1981, the day of the election of François Mitterrand At the Presidency of the Republic. “We met in a group called Les Espions, remembers Dominik Nicolas. I played bass and Nicola came as a backing vocalist. As I was bringing him back – he lived in my suburb – with my little Mini, we started talking, we hit it off. We left Les Espions to form Indochine. We started our demos. »Subsequently, the group is growing. “For the first concerts Dimitri (Bodianski, on saxophone) came, he was a friend of Nicola’s. Stà © phane (Sirkis, twin of Nicola, on guitar), at the first concert accompanied us. He was more into skiing, he came to help us. He quickly becomes a full band member.

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