This weekend was held the summer school of the party Les Républicains in La Baule, in Loire-Atlantique. During this rally, the former Budget Minister Eric Woerth made a proposal for the municipal elections which caused a strong reaction.

As we will remember, the last departmental and regional elections were marked by a record abstention rate. So, the chairman of the Finance Committee made a proposal, to say the least, unprecedented: allow owners of second homes to vote twice, reports Ouest France. A proposal which, according to Eric Woerth, would make it possible to “change our modes of participation”.

An idea that has aroused many reactions among politicians who for many have chosen irony to denounce a proposal deemed unjust. “You could even say that depending on your salary, your voice would have more or less weight,” responded MEP Manuel Bompard (LFI). “And with a swimming pool, does that count triple?” for her part replied the deputy Clémentine Autain (Together!).

🗣 I propose to study the opportunity for owners of second homes who will be the only ones to pay housing tax to vote in municipal elections in their 2 places of life. Strengthening democracy also means changing our modes of participation

“Allow the richest to vote twice … The Republicans and Eric Woerth in great shape in this return, with new ideas to rebuild democracy”, reacted the deputy Matthieu Orphelin (EELV), while the deputy Stéphane Peu (PCF) joked by also proposing to “withdraw the right to vote from the tenants of HLM …”.

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