Marc Márquez angered the Yamaha stand by ostensibly looking for the wheel of Maverick Vià ± ales in Q1 on Saturday at Mugello. Positioned in the wake of the M1, the Honda rider was able to disturb his compatriot â ???? even if this one denies it â ???? but above all he took advantage of his aspiration to set the fastest time, while Vià ± ales was eliminated at the gates of Q2, which will place him 13th on the starting grid of the Italian Grand Prix.

Asked about this tactic, which other pilots criticize for its lack of fair play, Márquez admitted that Vià ± ales had every reason to be angry, knowing himself how bad it could be. Be disturbing, and he apologized to himself.

“I ran into Maverick and talked to him. Lately we’ve gotten along really well and that’s important. I told him he had every reason in the world to be in. anger, ”he explained. “He asked me why and I told him I have limits and I have to compensate for them somehow, follow the pilots and help me. I tried. not to bother him and give him free rein, but I understand his anger and the fact that it bothered him. I wish I didn’t have these problems, that would mean that I’m on the right track and the situation is different. “

Returning in April after almost nine months of absence for injury, Marc Márquez is not yet in full possession of his means. His fractured humerus may well have consolidated, but he suffers from a lack of physical preparation and the various pains that this causes him, especially in the right shoulder. This is what justifies, according to him, that he followed this strategy.

“This morning I didn’t feel too bad, but this afternoon I felt really, really bad,” he explained. “I stopped before the end of FP4 and said to the team, ‘I don’t feel the bike, I don’t feel anything, I have to follow someone.’ We watched. the list and the fastest was Vià ± ales We chose him because he was the fastest If it had been another one we would have chosen another one So I followed it, that was the tactic because that was the only way for me to progress. “

“I would like to be at another level and in another position so that I can push to the front lines and have the others follow me, as has often been the case in the past. is not the case, “he regretted.

“Today my general feelings were better compared to yesterday, but this afternoon I had less strength in my arm, but here it shows a lot in the changes My shoulder hurts, but yesterday I also had a little pain in my arm, and then today I started to have a pain in my neck as well. if all the muscles around my shoulder were working harder than normal, and then there’s also the fact that I’m not as sharp as my other arm. And then it gets worse, but not specifically the shoulder; all the muscles around the shoulder, so it could be the neck, back, arm, biceps, triceps. “

As soon as qualifying was over, Massimo Meregalli, team manager of the official Yamaha team, appealed to the race management for a reaction, to no avail. Marc Márquez, he recalled that he acted within the limits of the rules, although his attitude was not very fair to his opponent.

“I’ve felt this in the past, so I know how Maverick can feel and that’s why I apologized. But in the end, it’s okay? ??? it’s at the limit, but within the rules. What I did was try to find the perfect situation to be 100% [of my potential] and get the best performance. Possible result “, defended the Honda rider.

“If there was a decision to change the rules and penalize that, other strategies would emerge, like in Moto3. I know the rules and I played. up to the limit, but staying within the limits I’ve been done the same thing in the past, I too have done it in the past and today I have done it again. like that we have to try to compensate our limits, taking a suction saves me time. “

Qualified 11th, Márquez is now approaching the race with still measured ambitions, aware that he is not in a position to aim high on such a physically demanding track. “It’s a race where you just have to finish, I don’t care if I take three points or seven, that doesn’t change anything,” he said. “I know where I stand and it doesn’t matter if I finish 14th, tenth or eighth: I don’t know where my position will be, but I know I have to finish the race, do laps and rack up the miles very. It’s a difficult mental process, but it has to be done. “

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