WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned her colleagues that President Trump must “go” during a fiery opening debate in which GOP MP Jim Jordan accused Democrats of “wanting to cancel” the President, as he also cited the American greatness that led us to land first on the moon.

“He has to go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation we all love,” said Pelosi (D-Calif .) Tuesday afternoon prior to a House vote on a single impeachment article accusing Trump of instigating a riot when his supporters stormed the Capitol last week.

“The President must be indicted, and I believe the President must be condemned by the Senate as a constitutional tool to ensure that the Republic is safe from this man who is determined to tear down the things that matter to us, i e things that hold us together, “she said.

The speaker described Pols as” Guardians of the Republic “and urged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to search their souls before voting on the indictment against Trump. This made him the first president in history to be charged twice.

But in a fiery reprimand, Ohio’s Jordan, one of the president’s staunch defenders, accused the Democrats of being “obsessed” with the prosecution of Trump.

“The President has cut taxes. The president reduced regulation. The president had the biggest economy before COVID, the lowest unemployment in 50 years, “he said.

” This attack on the first change needs to stop, “Jordan went on, before combining his defense against Trump’s impeachment with the moon landing .

“That’s what this country is capable of. We can do that. And we have Congress to represent the people who did this,” he said.

“Think about it “Think about it, in 1903 in Kitty Hawk North Carolina two men were flying this thing they call an airplane, a hundred feet. Barely got off the ground. Barely got off the ground.

” Amazing thing .44 years later, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier. In 44 years we go from two guys flying an apparatus and calling a plane a few hundred feet to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier, “said Jordan.

” And 22 years later – 22 years later – another America is coming ner to the moon. Think about it, ”said Jordan, referring to Neil Armstrong in 1969 when he became the first human on the lunar surface.

“In one life, 66 years from now, two men fly thirty meters to take a man to the moon. This country is capable of that. We can do that, “said Jordan.

” So I hope, I hope we beat this, I hope we can start to come together and see the greatness of the American people and focus on things, on that we should focus. “

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News – MP Jordan says House Democrats want to “cancel” Trump in impeachment hearings

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