May 29, 2021, Oléna Champlain

if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-box-3-0’)}; Morbidelli was the hero of Friday of this Italian Grand Prix, pointing in the leading trio with a Yamaha controlled as the slowest of the field in the long straight line of Mugello. But this Saturday, reality took hold of him. He will finally start tenth in this event in Tuscany which will have been marked on his second day by a serious accident for a rider in Moto3 and a sad display of helplessness on the part of an eight-time world champion …

Franco Morbidelli has also come back to this strange attitude of Marc Marquez who took Viñales as a shortfall for his current setbacks. The Petronas pilot assesses the situation thus: “It is not for me to judge whether this is unsportsmanlike behavior or not. For now, this is certainly a behavior authorized by the race director. There is nothing to complain about “begins the 2020 vice-world champion who reiterates:” it is not a pretty sight from an eight-time World Champion. But it is and he did. “

In addition, we learn with the Italian-Brazilian that the Honda official was not at his first attempt this weekend at Mugello… “Marc was very intelligent, it happened to me exactly as it did to Maverick, yesterday in FP2. I started and Marc strapped into my seat backrest. I saw he didn’t want to come off, but yesterday when I got back to the pit lane he didn’t have time to follow me. Probably today, with the experience of yesterday, he was smarter in getting ready to get back into the pit lane. This reveals a lot of Marc’s cunning ”. Edifying!

if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-medrectangle-3-0’)}; Morbidelli also returns to the other event of this Saturday, much more serious, alas: l Jason Dupasquier accident: “It’s difficult, but it’s our job. We have to be ready for each session even when we see these scenes. It was no fun at all to see so many people taking so long to rescue him. It’s not even nice to see that they cleared the asphalt before they left, taking Jason with them. It was not cool to see the helicopter. I hope he can fight, whatever he has now. It’s our sport anyway ”.

“Unfortunately I think it’s inevitable, I didn’t see the accident well. This is what happens in Moto3 and also in Moto2, especially on certain tracks. This is how it is, unfortunately it is a dangerous sport. I hope everything goes well “he concludes.

But the show goes on and you have to think about this race on Sunday… “I don’t like this tenth position. Something changed this afternoon, assuming the setup was the same. We have doubts about what happened, it’s hard to understand how things are going but we will try. In any case, starting tenth is not the best for tomorrow. It will be a very hard Sunday but we will try to fight anyway ”.if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘Undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-medrectangle-4-0’)};

He adds, “Honestly, I’m afraid of racing. Today I saw the real difference in speed for the first time. I was in Bagnaia’s wake. I had passed him before, had no suction and he dropped me off. Then there was Aleix Espargaró who blew me away, he impressed me. Usually he’s slow like me, that impressed me. This thing makes me think that tomorrow in the race will be a problem when I am in the group. I’m pretty worried about the race honestly, let’s see how we can find some minimum speed. But I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. The layout of the track and the straight line do not help us ”.