May 28, 2021, Oléna Champlain

if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-box-3-0’)}; The Moto3 version of the Italian Grand Prix started this Friday morning with a show of strength from the premises of the stage. Thus, Andrea Migno finds himself at the head of operations ahead of his compatriot Romano Fenati. One won their national event in 2017 and the other did the same at Mugello in 2014 …

However, Migno stuck the equivalent of five tenths to his closest pursuer by the end of this FP1. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo), credited with the third fastest time, was six tenths off the benchmark lap in 1’57.724, set by the No. 16. Behind, we found another transalpine in the person of Niccolò Antonelli (Avintia Esponsorama VR46), accompanied by Darryn Binder (Petronas Sprinta Racing) and Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Tech3).

Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing) clocked the seventh fastest time. John McPhee (Petronas Sprinta Racing), Filip Salac (Rivacold Snipers Team) and Gabriel Rodrigo (Indonesian Racing Gresini Moto3) completed the Top 10. Pedro Acosta (Red Bull KTM Ajo), still at the top of the Championship, finished 14th.

if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-medrectangle-3-0’)}; What will this FP2 have in store for us which will conclude this first day in Tuscany? Before answering this question, here is the table which summarizes the facts known so far.

25 ° in the air and 43 ° on a track heated by a benevolent sun hanging in the middle of a cloudless sky are the conditions offered to the pilots for the 40 minutes of the exercise.

A beautiful day in a beautiful track 😍 # Moto3 is about to get FP2 underway 🙌 # ItalianGP 🇮🇹

In 1’57.833, Darryn Binder set the first benchmark Suzuki immediately beat with 24 thousandths better. Migno, Rodrigo but also Surra from the guest VR46 follow.if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘Undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-medrectangle-4-0’)};

He’s won in Misano before, but can he get it done in Mugello? 🤔 @ TatsukiSuzuki24 goes fastest at the moment! 💪 # Moto3 | #ItalianGP 🇮🇹

The first quarter of an hour passed and Migno resumed the offensive n 1’57.751. Meanwhile, Pedro Acosta is testing them alongside the Mugello track…

Exceeding track limits might be a game changer on Sunday 👀 @ 37_pedroacosta certainly tested how close you can get! 😮 # Moto3 | #ItalianGP 🇮🇹

Masia sees the last quarter of an hour approaching and slams a 1’57.543 which puts him in charge of the session. A signal that decides Foggia to take his responsibilities with 82 thousandths better. Acosta climbs back up to seventh but then falls at turn 15. Lorenzo Fellon is 24th.

Suzuki accelerates in 1: 57.431. It’s only 30 thousandths better than Foggia. Masia, Migno and Sasaki complete this still provisional top 5.

A little less than five minutes from the goal, the majority returned to the box to put on new tires. The final sprint is announced … It will be without Acosta whose KTM is too damaged after his crash. He will see Darryn Binder achieve a stunning 1: 56.661, close to Arbolino’s 2019 record.

The South African driver and Petronas is ahead of his teammate McPhee by nearly three tenths. Fenati, Foggia and Rodrigo are in the top 5 to the detriment of Suzuki and Oncu, the Tech3 rider. Masia closes a top 10 where we find Migno. Dupasquier is the last provisionally qualified for Q2 since 14th. This is not the case with Acosta 16th. The latest winner Garcia follows him. Fellon is 29th.

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