Big concern for a Moto3 rider at the Italian Grand Prix. A few minutes after a terrible accident, the Swiss Jason Dupasquier (19) was still present on the track and had to be evacuated by helicopter at the hospital in Florence . The two competitors also caught in the fall, Ayumu Sasaki and Jeremy Alcoba, were able to get up and appear “OK” according to official sources.

During the Moto3 qualifying session won by Japan’s Tatsuki Suzuki at the Mugello circuit, Dupasquier fell violently from his motorcycle at the exit of a turn, hitting a competitor who was able to finish in the process. its running on the aisle. On the other hand, the Swiss pilot remained lying in the middle of the track, waiting for help.

Several minutes later, several rescue vehicles and a dozen individuals surrounded Dupasquier. A helicopter quickly touched down near the runway, waiting to take over the pilot.