By Crystal Stevenson

Still hit by multiple hurricanes, a flood, and a frost, southwest Louisiana is now recovering from a series of tornadoes that hit south of Lake Charles near Ham Reid Road and north of the Wednesday afternoon Lake Charles on Greinwich Terrace.

National Weather Services meteorologist Donald Jones said tornado cells were seen on Wednesday morning in the parishes of Calcasieu, Cameron and south of Beauregard as part of an evil line extending from the southeast Moved from Texas and through Louisiana.

Part of Paul and April Pettefer’s home on Hemlock Street, just off Ham Reid Road, was broken into after being badly damaged by a tornado. Outside, two cars parked in the driveway had their rear windows torn from the storm.

April Pettefer said she and her daughter Abigail had taken shelter in a bathroom. Paul wasn’t home at the time. Everyone including her three cats and a dog were unharmed after the storm.

“I heard wind and noise and something against the window and thought it sounded like it could be serious,” she said. “We were just standing in the bathroom and it was really quick. When we realized what was going on and we got there, it was over. ”

Immediately after the storm, Pettefer’s family and church members collected belongings from the house and put them in a moving truck. Pettefer said the family have already bought another home but are waiting to complete the cosmetic work on it before moving in. The Pettefer family has lived in the house on Hemlock Street for more than 20 years.

“The Lord protected us,” she said. “We have a point of contact. We are grateful that we are fine and most of our important things are in order. “

Pettefer said this recent storm and tornado caused far worse damage than Hurricane Laura in August 2020.

” Of course we had to get Laura a new roof and a few small leaks – nothing bad, “she said.

One house down, Brad Busse said he had stood by his front door during his lunch break and watched the storm. As conditions worsened, he, his wife Jessica, and their 16 month old son Brandon took refuge in a center room.

“It got to a point where I heard all this noise like a train was coming” he said. “I said it wasn’t safe and decided to seek shelter.”

The house suffered minimal damage, with six holes on the roof in the back, Busse said. He said they were glad things didn’t get any worse.

The tornado marks another catastrophe that young Brandon witnessed, including Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the winter storm in February, and the floods in May.

“It’s another disaster to go through, so keep throwing it at us (and) we’ll take it and get through it,” he said.

Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kayla Vincent said MPs went door-to-door from Nelson’s streets to Ihles on Wednesday afternoon, screening residents. She said the CPSO conducted additional patrols in the damaged areas throughout the night.

The storm also resulted in early layoffs at Vincent Settlement Elementary and LaGrange High School due to power outages.

Entergy said, on At the height of the storm, more than 700 households were without electricity.

Jones said now that the storms are over, daytime temperatures will drop to the low 70s by Halloween and evening temperatures to the top 40s.