Anthony Bouges SDIS57

A tanker truck carrying butyl acrylate caught fire on the RD910 near Herny between Metz and Saint-Avold. The fire is now extinguished, checks are still in progress.

The gendarmerie set up a three-kilometer security perimeter around the scene of the truck fire.

Traffic is cut off in both directions and the RD910 will remain closed to traffic for a day or two, in order to allow the tank to be moved after cooling.

30 gendarmes and a helicopter as well as nearly 60 firefighters and 32 SDIS vehicles were mobilized in the field.

#vigilance | A tanker truck carrying ether caught fire on the RD910 near Herny. The gendarmerie set up a security perimeter of 3 km around the truck. Traffic is cut off in both directions. Prefect of the Moselle pic.twitter.com/7vVdxhKA1l

The liquid transported would be butyl acrylate. Thick black smoke was visible for several miles around for long minutes. Access to the village of Herny, located three kilometers from the explosion, was blocked. The schoolchildren are cloistered inside the school building.

Residents of Herny are also invited to stay in their homes with their windows closed. Local deviations have been put in place:

Normal butyl acrylate is used almost exclusively for the production of polymers. These can be used in the manufacture of various coatings, elastomers, adhesives, surfactants, plastics, textiles and inks. They are also used in the manufacture of super-absorbent materials and detergents.

Ref: https://5minutes.rtl.lu