Morrisons is launching its first TV campaign to support its new brand positioning “Make good things done”.

The commercial created by Publicis.Poke will be broadcast shortly before the kick-off in today’s EM-2020-England-Scotland- Debut game. It offers the viewer an insight into how he can prepare “really good food” with the eyes of a child. When the parents are locked in a still picture, a young boy and his sister drive down the dining table down the street and across the sea to visit grocery producers.

The action shows the couple visiting a vegetable farmer to highlight how the supermarket buys from British producers, even its “wunky miracles” that help reduce waste. The siblings pass by on a fishing boat to underline Morrison’s claim to have the catches delivered to the fish counters quickly so that the products are always fresh.

The shop continues, brother and sister load a cart and visit Butcher’s counter where trained colleagues can give “crazy” recipe recommendations. Back home, the family continues as the boy reminds viewers that they can “do good” by caring for food as much as the people who make it.

Morrisons said the ad should highlight how consumers can benefit from their knowledgeable staff and close relationships with food manufacturers. The idea of ​​being more thoughtful when buying and enjoying food arose from feedback from customers over the past year. It showed that although it was a difficult time, people were able to think more about what they were going to have for dinner, which led many to learn how to bake and decorate cakes.

The campaign is going up Also in the media, print, radio and stores in late July.

Alex Rogerson, Director of Marketing Communications at Morrisons, said: “During the pandemic, food has become even more important – it has become an option in the to achieve good in the most difficult times. Our new brand platform aims to help support the country on its way to improving the way it produces, purchases, cooks and eats food in order to make ‘good things happen’ for the next generation. ”

Dave Monk, Executive Creative Director at Publicis.Poke added, “Eleven million people cross the Morrisons threshold every week. If we can encourage everyone to do good, there are many small but powerful good deeds throughout the year. And if we can help get people out of their lunch break by using a little magic from the children’s imagination to inspire them on their journey through retail, that’s even better. ”

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