The Royal Moroccan Navy carried out a chase at sea on Friday in an attempt to arrest drug traffickers. In their escape, the latter ended up throwing two tons of drugs into the sea, which were seized as well as the 11 tons found the same day in a villa in Tangier.

The Royal Navy managed to thwart a drug trafficking operation by chasing a speedboat in Mediterranean waters off the coast of Nador, a military source told MAP. In their escape, the traffickers threw into the sea 64 packets of drugs estimated at around two tons. The drug shipment seized by the Moroccan coast guard has been transferred to the military base in Nador for the purposes of the ongoing judicial investigation.

Elements of a special gendarmerie force also seized 11 tons of drugs from a villa in Tangier on Friday, belonging to one of the suspects involved in the affair. The gendarmerie is continuing its investigation to determine the modus operandi of this suspected drug trafficking network. The drugs seized were loaded into a vehicle bound for Spain via the port of Tangier Med.

Last Monday, a large sum of money estimated at one billion euros was seized from an apartment in central Tangier, in connection with the same case. On December 22, the Royal Navy also succeeded in preventing the trafficking of more than one ton of drugs packed in 36 packages at Al Hoceima Bay. The drugs were carried in a fishing boat by three people who were arrested.

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