Adriana Karembeu is cash! The new star of “Plus belle la vie” recently indulged in cosmetic surgery without filter.

With her dream plastic, Adriana Karembeu continues to capsize hearts! For “Nous Deux”, the next darling of “Plus belle la vie” confided in her relationship to cosmetic surgery. And his secrets might surprise you. MCE TV shows you everything.

For more than 15 years, “Plus belle la vie” has been making the best of France 3. On screen, the daily life of Mistralians continues to fascinate the crowds!

It must be said that the plots are always very exciting. Over the years, characters have also become essential.

Like Blanche and Roland Marci. Or even Mirta Torres and her daughter Luna. Impossible to ignore Charles Frémont!

Without forgetting Jean-Paul Boher of course! In addition, other characters also captured the hearts of viewers.

If in recent months, some actors have left the series, others will be part of the cast as soon as the school year begins. For example Adriana Karembeu will soon play in “Plus belle la vie”.

A news that greatly delighted fans of the saga. On August 23, the actress spoke about it for “Télé-Star”.

“I don’t know what role I have been assigned yet. Because I have just received the script, ”she explained to our colleagues.

Thus, the model should make a short appearance which still required 15 days of filming. A new adventure for Adriana Karembeu who has never really followed fiction. “So it will be a discovery for me,” she added. We look forward ! Not you ?

In any case, Adriana Karembeu is a versatile artist. If she has evolved in fashion for a long time, she has also very often flourished in the world of the 7th art.

Remember, she starred in “Asterix at the Olympics”. But also “Household scenes”. Also in “Research section” or “Our dear neighbors”.

Besides his talent, his dream physique very often catches the eye of the cameras. Regardless of “Nous Deux”, she explained without filter about cosmetic surgery. Follower of the botulinum toxin, the star does not want to abuse the scalpel either.

“When I see the ravages of cosmetic surgery, it doesn’t make me want,” said the “Plus belle la vie” actress.

She also regrets that young people very quickly succumb to this fad. “Girls who start very young find themselves caught in an infernal cycle,” says the actress. ” I do not like “.

Societal pressure and the continual quest for perfection could be the cause. Top models are the perfect example!

“Models also have their complexes. By dint of being dressed, hair, makeup, we point out our flaws to correct them, and that ends up giving rise to complexes, “said the pretty blonde who knows the environment perfectly.

However, Adriana Karembeu is not against performing other aesthetic practices much later. “I might do a facelift later and again, I don’t care… To be completely honest, I barely look at myself,” said the “Plus belle la vie” actress. That is what is said!

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