Emond succeeds in a magnificent control in extension and obtains a corner, which gives nothing for Nantes.

Another free kick for the MHSC, this time on the left. Savanier plays the shot two-handed but makes a mistake and returns possession.

Free kick for Montpellier on the right side. Sambia takes her chance directly but it is in the Nantes wall.

The Héraultais framed 8 shots in this meeting, against only 1 for the Nantes. The second period is particularly to the advantage of the much more enterprising MHSC.

Despite a timid attempt to react, the Canaries seem to have no solution against Montpellier while in control from the second goal.

The Nantes goalkeeper had not moved on this free kick from Savanier’s right pushed back by the crossbar. Nantes suffocates.

Yellow card for Pallois, who offers a very good free kick to Savanier in front of the surface …

Elye Wahi has just scored his first goal of the season and becomes the first substitute scorer for Montpellier since February, where he had already scored when coming off the bench.

Served by Ferri in the depth on the right side, Wahi concludes the counter-flash by adjusting Lafont with a shot from the right between the legs of the Nantes goalkeeper, who had slipped when he took the ball.

Mavididi tumbles on the left side and comes face to face with Lafont, author of a very good stopping of the foot.

Florent Mollet has just scored his third goal of the season, as much as last season in 34 games played.

After another strike from Savanier repelled by Lafont, Mollet follows the action well in the box and deceives the Nantes goalkeeper with a strike from the right deflected by Traoré.

Huge missed opportunity for the people of Nantes. On the center of Simon, the Spaniard opens his foot too much and sees the frame slip away.

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr