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Ball returned to the foot by Montpellier. Ramos does not take any risks and hits the mark. It’s the break at GGL Stadium and Toulouse retains the advantage: 3-7. But Ugo Mola’s men lost control of the match over the minutes. We will meet again in a few moments to experience this second period.

After a crazy start to the match, both teams have a lot of technical waste in their game. New forward on the halfway line. MHR introduction on the midline.

Dupont is taking the pressure. It is won by the Héraultais but the ball lost by Fichten Mecer is scratching on the next playing time. Mr. Cayre orders a scrum but for Toulouse.

Toulouse emerges, Montpellier raises but new hand fault committed by Begognée on the 40m Toulouse.

Melee introduction Toulouse in their 22m after this small cut to put the microphone on Mr. Cayre.

Penalty against Toulouse! Still a lot of defensive work and Montpellier counter-ruck. Toulouse is suffering from the barbed wire of the MHR. Key found in 22 Toulouse. Launch Maurouard.

Toulouse goes through kicking. Montpellier does the same, Garbisi candle and it is won by Doumayroux.

The game is timed out. Bouthier kicks a long game and finds the touch on the 40m Toulouse.

Third touch lost by Toulouse! Garbisi hits far in the 22 Toulouse. Ramos imitates him but finds Bouthier’s arms. Candle well captured by Bonneval on his 22 but against-ruck Montpellier. And penalty for Montpellier!

Vincent enters the 22 Toulouse. But Garbisi is driven away, on the retreat. Nice defensive climb from Toulouse which wins a penalty. Ntamack finds the key in the Hérault camp.

And this ball lost by Marchand ended well with a counter assassin from Serfontein who made a forward 5m from the in-goal.


15m facing the poles, easy for Garbisi: 3-7

The Languedocians were able to rely on a strong point to get this penalty: the penetrating group.

Bouthier is chased by the defense. Doan organizes his forwards. Pass at the foot of Vincent but it is direct in touch. It will therefore be a penalty for Montpellier.

Nice touch found by Doumayroux in Toulouse 22m. And it’s a 50-22, launch Montpellier!

New penalty against Montpellier after a badly negotiated touch by Toulouse. Both teams are suffering in this sector of the conquest. But Ramos will try it, 40m slightly to the right of the posts.

Aprasidze left a shoulder on this incredible previous streak. He is replaced by Doan.

But it will be a penalty against Montpellier who is at fault. Ball not released and returned to Toulouse.

We find again Doumayroux at the reception of a candle tapped by Garbisi. Montpellier is building up the pressure. Fichten is caught 10m from the end of the goal.

The rescue of Doumayroux on Arnold who was on trial! What a sequence on both sides!

Advantage in progress for Montpellier for a forward. Miss pierces but balloon lost again! It plays on all sides, what the start of the match.

This is already the second ball lost in a ruck by the Hérault residents in just 9 minutes.

Montpellier hands on the ball after a candle from Dupont. New Garbisi candle, well taken by Ntamack. But the ball is not playable on the maul for Montpellier. Toulouse recover an introduction near the halfway line.

While Mr. Cayre asks for video refereeing to see if Serfontein scored or not the first try after Toulouse’s recovery on the in-goal.

It is well taken by Ouedraogo. Maurouard relays behind the maul and Montpellier is only 5m from the end of the goal.

First penalty of the match! Lebel is penalized for leaving before the game at Dupont’s foot. Garbisi finds the touch on the 22 Toulouse, left side of the field.

Ball lost by the MHR! Toulouse puts its game in place. Dupont loses the ball in contact with an offensive tackle. Mr. Cayre gives the introduction to the Montpellierains on their 40m.

The Stadium is under pressure after a little game at the foot of Bouthier on a recovery from Rattez! Toulouse keeps the ball but is 5m from its line. Dupont finds the touch on his 40m.

First balloon for Montpellier up to 22 Toulouse. Garbisi plays kicking in the defense but the ball returned to Toulouse.

It is transformed by Ntamack: 0-7.


After a good scratching 5m from the line, Dupont pulls away on the right side. Ramos serves Bonneval who manages to give his ball. Ntamack picks it up and dives into the in-goal!


It is typed far in the 22m Hérault by Ntamack, well captured by Becognée.

Conditions are optimal this afternoon at the GGL Stadium in Montpellier. Sun, 25 degrees and a light northwesterly wind.

Here is the starting XV of Stade Toulousain: Ramos – Bonneval – Tauzin – Holmes – Lebel – Ntamack (o) – Dupont (m) – Miquel – Placines – Jelonch – Ri. Arnold – Ro. Arnold – Tafili – Merchant – Neti.

Here is the starting XV of Montpellier Hérault Rugby:

Bouthier – Vincent – Doumayrou – Serfontein – Rattez – Garbisi (o) – Aprasidze (m) – Mercer – Becognee – Ouedraogo – Chalureau – Verhaeghe – Lamositeley – Fichten

Stade Toulousain meanwhile delivered a real recital against the helpless Toulonnais last week at Ernest-Wallon (41-10). Impressive in La Rochelle and against the RCT, Toulouse are not yet complete. A group that should grow over time.

After a draw torn from Toulon at the opening of the championship, Montpellier won its first success last week against Brive (39-17), thanks in particular to a man in form: Jérémie Maurouard. The hooker who arrived from Lyon scored his first double for his first start. A player to watch this afternoon!

Hello everyone and welcome to to experience this shock at the top of the Top 14 between Montpellier (4th) and Stade Toulousain (1st). The kickoff of this match counting for the third day of the championship will be given at 5 p.m.

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