Half-time at GGL Stadium. The Castres have quite clearly dominated this first act, in particular thanks to the availability of their forwards. However, it was Montpellier which took the lead at the break (8-7), showing itself to be very realistic.

Montpellier connects the playing times but the CO obtains a final penalty, the ball kept on the ground by Maurouard.

Lack of precision on the Castres side, new forward committed by Palis. Mêlée to follow for the MHR on the middle line, left side.

Maurouard essay! Perfectly executed carried ball. The double push allows the MHR hooker to collapse behind the line.

The Castres lack discipline and offer a dangerous touch to the MHR 5m from the goal line. Delayed tackle from Ardron.

Reinach prefers to occupy the Castres camp and finds a touch in the 22m thanks to a low kick.

Castres continues to send the game, they invest the Montpellier camp but commit a forward. Melee for the MHR.

Palis cannot find the touch, another Tarn imprecision. On the recovery, Montpellier commits a forward, scrum for the CO in its 30m.

Kornath try! The young Castres speak all his power, he picks up this ball and resists two players to register the first try of the game.

The penalty is played by hand, play continues very close to the try line.

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr