Capcom is one of those studios / publishers from which much is expected in general, as the intrinsic quality of the games produced by them tend to be unanimous every year. This year, we have already had Resident Evil VIII, which received an excellent reception, but also to Monster Hunter Rise, which was able to break heaps of records on Switch (this is the game Third Party best-selling console), and remains incredibly popular today, a few months after its release. Suffice to say that a Capcom conference had enough to generate hype for this very special E3 2021. And after the Microsoft / Bethesda and Square Enix conferences yesterday, it is the Japanese firm’s turn to show what it has in its belly for this year 2021. We come back to all the announcements that may have been made at during this fully digital Capcom E3 2021 conference.

We know how much the Monster Hunter license collects, since Monster Hunter World, a new success in the West. For the occasion, Capcom is once again emphasizing its license via its spin-off, Stories, which is about to receive a sequel this summer. We had already been able to discover it many times in the past, but for this E3, we were able to discover a brand new trailer, something to make lots of players want to get started. As a reminder, Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin will be available from July 9th.

Monster Hunter Rise is also talking about him: the big success of the beginning of the year for Capcom has for a few months been entitled to free updates to add a lot of content, and obviously, we should be entitled to a lot of new tips in the coming weeks: we will have a DLC for the release of Stories 2, with special skins for Rise, but also the famous and eagerly awaited update 3.1 for the game.

Again, not a big surprise for this conference, but news that will please countless fans of the Ace Attorney series. No Phoenix Wright here: we go back a few centuries with an ancestor of the famous lawyer, who will have to hold a few trials in the company of a certain … Herlock Sholmes! Lovers of visual-novel and mysteries will therefore be able to discover these new adventures which were until now only available in Japan. For this conference, we were treated to a new general trailer for the game, then a gameplay trailer. Enough to wait a little longer until July 27, the game’s release date.