In Monsieur Je-Savoir-Tout, broadcast this evening on France 3, Arnaud Ducret plays a gruff football coach who welcomes his autistic nephew. A comedy that touches the heart.

Vincent Barteau, 35, football coach of 1.92 m (Arnaud Ducret) sees tumbling in his daily life as an inveterate bachelor, his nephew, Léo, 13 years old, 1.53 m with Asperger’s autism (Max Baissette de Malglaive). This meeting, as singular as it is explosive, will turn Vincent’s existence upside down and offer the chance of a lifetime to Leonardo who uses his talent for chess as a goalkeeper. The child constructs sophisticated play combinations, produces statistics that annoy his uncle and his teammates. But who also miraculously stop all penalties …

Monsieur Je-sais-Tout is adapted from the novel La Surface de repair by Alain Gillot. Directors François Prévôt-Leygonie and Stephan Archinard (Tout Schuss) were thrilled by the duo, as ill-assorted as it was unexpected, formed by this child with Asperger’s syndrome and this rather loud-mouthed adult.

“Mr. Know-it-all, that’s first of all a line Vincent gives to Leo at a key moment in the film, just before he decides to put him in goal. In these few gently provocative words, there is the dismay of the adult who does not know how to communicate too much and there is also, underlying, the mark of the beginning of Vincent’s attachment to Leo, explain the filmmakers. In the end, this title seemed to us to be in total adequacy with the film and the way of treating our subject: to try to put lightness and light at the service of depth. “

The young Max Baissette de Malglaive who bursts the screen in this role on the wire, looks back on the way he worked his game to manage to slip into the skin of Leo, autistic Asperger’s. He has watched the movie Rain Man and found reports on autism, of which Asperger’s syndrome is one form. “Children with this syndrome have quite specific body language. They are often very intelligent, sensational in mathematics, ultra-gifted for music, but most of the time, they live locked in their bubble, explains the young actor. The directors organized a meeting for him with a young woman suffering from this syndrome. “Our meeting lasted three hours. It was quite impressive because, since she couldn’t stand noise or light, she wore dark glasses and had mittens over her ears. She told us that the slightest change in her schedules and habits disturbed her. His testimony helped me a lot in building the character of Leo. ”

Arnaud Ducret (Mine de rien, Divorce Club) who plays the gruff and single uncle who gradually takes affection for this different young boy, has also seen several times the cult film Rain Man by Barry Levinson, in which a man also forms a bond with a family member with the autism spectrum. He wanted to rediscover Tom Cruise’s relationship with Dustin Hoffman, crowned with the Oscar for Best Actor for his role.