The brand condemned the message printed on the bottle of this German-branded product. The Alliance police union called it a “shame smoothie”.

The four letters “Acab”, acronym of “All cops are bastards”, which means in French “All cops are bastards”, were found on the shelves of Monoprix on the packaging of a smoothie.

Noticing this inscription on the German-branded drink, “true fruits”, a customer was outraged by posting the image on social networks.

The Monoprix brand was quick to react by announcing the withdrawal of this product from their stores “as soon as possible”.

Police union Alliance blamed the juice brand for calling the product a “smoothie of shame.”

True Fruits is a German brand that markets its products at Monoprix, but also in other brands such as Auchan, Leclerc or Carrefour. True Fruits often uses puns and jokes as a marketing argument. It had already created controversy by publishing on its bottles extracts from programs of the main parties vying for the legislative elections, including the program of the far-right party of AFD. A large retailer then refused their marketing.

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The French retail chain Monoprix also uses humor to convince its customers. But the brand has also been the source of controversy. In 2015, his campaign for the Monoprix Gourmet chocolate bars was deemed racist on the blue bird social network. The company then apologized and changed the packaging of the offending product.

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