Never has a bottle of smoothie aroused so much indignation. As noted by BFMTV, Monoprix has been forced to remove bottled smoothies from the German brand True Fruits from its shelves for “Back to school 2021”. And for good reason, a slogan of hatred towards the police, “ACAB” (All cops are bastards, “All cops are bastards in French”), was inscribed on it, in the midst of many other graffiti. Faced with the multitude of comments from revolted Internet users on social networks, the brand announced, Monday, September 13, that it had asked for the product to be removed from the shelves.

Hello, like you, we do not tolerate this type of message on products referenced in our brand. We have therefore alerted the supplier concerned and are withdrawing the product as soon as possible. Thank you for your message !

“Like you, we do not tolerate this type of message on products referenced in our brand”, wrote Monoprix on its official account, responding to an Internet user who called out to it, adding: “We therefore alerted the supplier concerned and proceeded to proceed. the withdrawal of the product as soon as possible. Thank you for your message ! “For its part, the police union Alliance had criticized Monoprix on the social network for making” its butter on antiflic hatred “, pointing to” the perfect way to destroy relations “between the police and the citizens.

Contacted by our colleagues, the group indicated that they did not want to communicate further at this stage. On Instagram, the brand True Fruits, used to making puns and jokes on its bottles, had presented its “special edition Back to school 2021”, “available in limited edition”, Thursday, September 9, with the description, “official drink teachers 14 minutes late ”.

In order to clear up any misunderstanding about the design of the product, I suggest the following message to consumers: “Wesh, vazy mé fo pas m’pénav” also when I work especially after a comic, otherwise jbenda kodazo, BLC. RAB of the blues. Cheh! »# Sorry not sorry. PS: Of course we can modify certain elements; it’s free…

Already all young people think that the RIP inscriptions on tombstones mean rest in peace ……….

A reaction from the public authorities is possible.
Why only monoprix?
There are limits that must not be exceeded, and reactions that must flow from them.
That says a lot about the brand that makes its drinks, everything is
it possible to make profit?

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