The king of Morocco definitely wants to bury the hatchet with Algeria. In a speech to the nation on Saturday, July 31, 2021 on the 22nd anniversary of his accession to the throne, Mohammed VI called on the Algerian authorities to turn the page and forge good relations in the future. He called for reopening the borders between Algeria and Morocco.

“We renew our sincere invitation to our brothers in Algeria, to work together and without conditions for the establishment of bilateral relations based on trust, dialogue and good neighborliness,” he said. For the King of Morocco, the current state of affairs in relations between the two neighboring countries is by no means satisfactory.

“Indeed, the current state of these relations does not satisfy us because it does not serve the respective interests of our two peoples. It is even considered unacceptable by many countries, ”he stressed. Mohammed VI made no secret of his desire to see these relationships improve. “Our deep conviction is that the borders are and remain open”, he added.

The King, who says he deplores “the media and diplomatic tensions which are shaking up relations between Morocco and Algeria”, called on the Algerian head of state to establish good relations. “We call for the wisdom and best interests of our two countries to prevail. We will thus be able to overcome this deplorable situation which is spoiling the potential of our two countries, to the great displeasure of our two peoples and the bonds of affection and brotherhood which unite them “, maintains Mohammed VI.

In his speech, the King of Morocco especially insisted on the opening of the borders between the two countries. Because for him, “their closure collides with a natural right and an authentic legal principle, enshrined in international instruments, in particular the Marrakesh Treaty, founding text of the Arab Maghreb Union which provides for the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital between the constituent countries of the Maghreb region ”.

In this register, he recalled that “neither His Excellency, the current Algerian president, nor the former president, nor I myself are at the origin of this closure decision”. Nonetheless, he stresses that “before God, history and our fellow citizens, we are politically and morally responsible for the persistence of the status quo.”

For Mohammed VI, “no logic can explain the present situation, especially since the reasons which led to the closure of the borders are totally outdated and are no longer justified today”. The King of Morocco further asserted that his people and that of Algeria are “like brothers that an intruding body has divided, while there is no place among us”.

He dismissed out of hand “the mistaken idea that opening borders would only bring a trail of woes and problems, to Algeria and Morocco.” For him, this is false: “the closing of the borders does not break the deep communication between the two peoples. But it rather nourishes a closed mind, amplified by the harmful influence of untruths relayed by certain media, such as that according to which poverty is the lot of Moroccans whose means of subsistence are reduced to smuggling and drug trafficking “.

The King of the Shereefian Kingdom also wished to reassure the Algerian people on this subject: “You will never have to fear malice on the part of Morocco which is in no way a danger or a threat to you. In fact, what affects you affects us and what affects you overwhelms us ”. He added, “also, we consider that the security and stability of Algeria, and the peace of mind of its people, are organically linked to the security and stability of Morocco. As a corollary, what affects Morocco affects Algeria just as much; because the two countries are inseparably linked ”. And to conclude: “more than two neighboring nations, Morocco and Algeria are two twin countries which complement each other”.