Wednesday, July 28, 2021 5:24 PM

By James Reeve


Milton Keynes Dons ended their preparations for the season with a hearty 3-1 defeat against Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur at MK Stadium.

In the game, which was played in front of nearly 16,000 spectators, the former Dons Academy graduate and star Dele Alli returned, to whom the guests presented the armband.

With the steadfast Dean Lewington, who on the Bank started, another youth product of the Dons was transferred to captaincy, with David Kasumu receiving the honor.

While the Premier League club started the lighter of the two teams when Steven Bergwijn early a low curling shot close to the far post by Franco Ravizzoli, Tennai Watson gave the Dons an early chance in the guest area.

The right full-back chased the ball before sending a clean cross into the box. Goalkeeper Alfie Whiteman punched the ball for a corner after a header from the defender.

The Dons had the best opportunity to take an early lead when Scott Twine was knocked out by Whiteman in the Spurs box minutes later, with the referee There was no choice but to point to the point.

Matt O’Riley took the point kick, but it was hit deep and central and Whiteman was able to bring his body behind it and see him roll over in front of the danger and pushed into another corner.

The visitors had a chance to push forward when Reguilon was wide open on the left and sent a deep ball to Son Heung-Min, who shot a close range shot wide the bar flew.

The two teams shared positive movements during the first half, with the ball being taken down at both ends of the pitch and many blocks being inserted by both pairs of defenders.

The Pr The emier League team believed they had taken the lead after just over 20 minutes when Son Heung-Min lifted the ball over Ravizzoli into the far corner, but the linesman’s flag was held in the air to signal offside – much to the relief of the home page.

Almost in mirror image, Son opened the rating for the guests. He cuts in from the right flank to lift the ball over Ravizzoli’s shoulder, giving Tottenham a 1-0 lead after 35 minutes of play.

Tottenham had a chance to extend their lead as Bergwijn and Lucas Moura broke with Warren O’Hora in front of them. A delay in their game allowed the Dons center-back to insert a block and avert the threat.

Scott Twine was on the verge of leveling things out after earning a free kick 30 yards from goal. He took the shot himself, the ball dived perfectly over the defensive wall and Whiteman was forced to block a great jump to his right and kick the ball to the corner.

The Dons had a brave performance in the first half, left But thanks to Son’s performance 1-0 into the break.

Russell Martin’s team started the second half brilliantly and pushed into the Spurs area several times, with Mo Eisa collecting the ball deep in the penalty area, but no shot under pressure .

Ravizzoli was called into action with a threatening pass over the Dons defense while Son lurked around the six-yard room. The Argentine goalkeeper blocked the threat with a solid blow.

The goalkeeper was re-involved as Son had another opportunity to reflect his earlier efforts. This time Ravizzoli stood firm and blocked an attempt to keep the home side in one.

Twine tried to level the Dons when, just minutes later, he saw a weak shot from the edge of the box that went just wide.

However, it was the Premier League team to score the next goal when Son shot a pass to a wide-open Dele, who coolly placed his shot out of reach of Ravizzoli – and hit the back of the net in front of the home fans .

Ravizzoli made a couple of big stops after the second goal, tipping Bergwijn’s attempt from close range before making a great save after a header. Dele tried to knock off the far post, but the former Dons man was sidelined.

Twine had saved another powerful free kick from Whiteman, further frustrating the Dons, who were unlucky enough to not find the net on their own .

After a series of substitutions shortly after the hour, Watson had an excellent cross in the Spurs box, but no one could get a head as the Dons continued to search for an opening.

After a pass from Lucas Moura, who stormed on goal alone and prevailed out of reach of Laurie Walker, gave Lucas Moura the 3-0 lead with less than ten minutes to go to the end of the game.

However, their patience paid off, when John Freeman finally found a way past Whiteman. Ilunga tapped the ball forward so Freeman could hit the half-volley, throw the ball over the keeper’s head to pull the home side again within two.

Unfortunately, the Dons didn’t have time to get back into the game to draw, the guests finished with a 3-1 victory.

It was a spirited performance by the hosts, who were unlucky not to seize many of their chances, and they should start the season with high morale and confidence Going 2021/22 to make a name for themselves in the league A leaderboard.

Named Man of the Game after some extraordinary saves, Ravizzoli is likely to remain the team’s top goalkeeper while Andrew Fisher is out due to injury.

Twine was also a particularly bright spark and will prove to be quite a handful against third division opponents in the coming season, especially in set pieces – he comes in with his two free-kick attempts Season very close.

With no points to be won, the game was a positive warm-up for the Dons despite the score, and Dele’s return for the first time since leaving MK Stadium in 2015 was a special one Occasion enjoyed by the fans of both teams.

Lineup of MK Dons: Ravizzoli (72. Walker), Watson (72nd Martin), Baldwin (67th Jules), O’Hora (67th Robson), Darling, Harvie (67th Lewington), Kasumu (72nd Freeman)), Twine (72 ‘Morton), O’Riley (67 ‘Ilunga), Eisa (72’ Bird), Watters (64 ‘Brown)

Woughton Leisure Center is getting a state-of-the-art gym after a £ 200,000 investment to improve facilities.

A domestic violence charity called the MK Act has received a £ 1,000 donation from Amazon’s local fulfillment center.

On Friday, July 30th, there will be a walk-in vaccination clinic at Cranfield University, located near Milton Keynes.

You could be making wildflower seed packets, compostable plant pots, or even building insect hotels with The Parks Trust this summer!

Since March, Milton Keynes residents have been able to pick up up to 14 free quick tests from the MK Library every weekday.

The news is part of the Prime Minister’s pledge to add 20,000 additional recruits by 2023.

Will Hospice is counting the days to their 80s Moo Weekender event on August 6th and 7th.

Milton Keynes’ bollards and green spaces have undergone a “summer facelift” over the past few weeks.

Two other people were arrested on suspicion of murder after a body was found in farm fields near Olney.

Just as our last heatwave was over, the Met Office announced that a second one is on the way.

A building application for the redesign of Saxon Court, the former citizens’ office, has been submitted to the Milton Keynes Council.

The National Statistics Office has released new localized data on the number of deaths related to the coronavirus.

Last week, a family discovered their house cat had been stung in each of its hind legs.

Cafe Rouge in Milton Keynes will be permanently closed as the chain’s owners take over management.

Has a national newspaper Reveals that local government coronavirus case numbers do not include tests from local drive-through test centers and some home test kits.

A Milton Keynes couple used the word “Scu m “sprayed on his shop window, as well as other graffiti on his shop sign.

MKFM anticipates that McDonalds will resume breakfast service in all Milton Keynes branches on July 8th.

Drive employees -in-Coronavirus testing centers in Central Milton Keynes have to pay for parking every day, it became known.

In another park in Milton Keynes, deadly blue-green algae have been identified as dog owners are warned to keep their animals out of the lake.