The 60th edition of Miss Tahiti, canceled in 2020, will be held on June 25 at the town hall of Papeete.

We have the names. The ten candidates for the Miss Tahiti 2021 election now have a face and a name. The organizing committee unveiled the ten contenders yesterday at the Intercontinental de Tahiti. The 60 years of Miss Tahiti were to be celebrated in 2020 but Covid year requires, the celebration of these six decades will take place, on June 25, with or without an audience.

They are ten and are named Tipari, Nauriki, Piikea, Karen, Tumateata, Monoihere, Raruna, Eileen, Natalia and Poerava. They measure between 1.56 m and 1.81 m and are between 20 and 25 years old. Half of them were already in the starting blocks for the 2020 election, “a blank year” according to the organizers, which was to mark the 60 years of the “brand” Miss Tahiti – the first was elected in 1960, Teura Bauwens, unfortunately deceased in 2015 – the other half joined the ranks recently, with or without a scarf.

Whatever, “all together, I am convinced that we will deliver a super-show for the election,” told us Tumateata Buisson, who played the game of questions and answers, following the official presentation, yesterday .

The gala evening will take place on June 5 and will focus on Miss Tahiti’s 60th birthday ”. Election night will be held on June 25, in the gardens of the town hall of Papeete and the chosen theme is the Tiurai.

“Miss Tahiti celebrates her Tiurai” proclaimed the organizing committee yesterday, “to relive those moments that have been taken from us”. But will this be done with or without an audience, the question remains. The great unknown remains … “the opening of the ticket office” as the director of the company Miss Tahiti, Leiana Faugerat told us yesterday. “In the worst case, it will be evenings without an audience because we are going to do them anyway. It will just be rebroadcast with live broadcasts. At best, we could receive 500 or 1,000 people, but no more. Beyond that, one should not dream. Financially, without an audience, we are going to lose a lot of money, for sure, we cannot do otherwise. We knew that this year, anyway, we were clearly not going to win any. We’re just trying to limit breakage and keep costs down. “

Whether or not the ticket office opens for these two evenings should be confirmed next week.

Rest assured, the evenings will be broadcast live with or without an audience, on television and on the Internet. Since yesterday, the public can vote for his candidate and discover their portraits on social networks. Small novelty 2021, Miss Tahiti arrives on Tik Tok.

The candidates are thoroughly, surrounded by two high-level coaches, and under the good advice of Matahari Bousquet, Miss Tahiti 2019, who is preparing to pass her crown at the end of June.

– Miss Tahiti gala evening
Saturday June 5, on the motu of the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort And Spa, from 5 p.m. Evening dinner only, from 14,900 francs (after entry included). Theme: 60 years of Miss Tahiti
– Election evening
Friday June 25, in the gardens of the town hall of Papeete, from 5 p.m. Evening dinner only (dress code: Polynesian dress), from 12,900 francs. Theme: Miss Tahiti celebrates the Tiurai
– Vote for your favorite Miss on 7588 (129 francs including VAT for the SMS), by sending MISS TAHITI (space) followed by the candidate’s number (eg: MISS TAHITI 1). The public vote will count for 25% of the final mark.
– Find Miss Tahiti on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The hashtags are # MT2021 # MissTahiti2021 and # MT60ans.

Yes, I missed you, it’s been a long two years. Without doing anything last year, I went around in circles a bit (laughs).

In fact no, not at all. To be fair, some of the ten contestants were already homegrown from last year. Some have gone to study.

Of the ten candidates registered last year, four or five are there, the rest are free candidates, for which we had 18 applications. The girls were looking forward to this.

Yes. The coaches are Hinarere Taputu and Meitihere Stergios, Miss Heiva 2019. The girls have started rehearsals since the beginning of March, we try to do this discreetly, like every year. We are still waiting for the press conference to reveal the girls. They also have their weekly sports lessons, coaching, posture, diction, skills, to learn to walk and general culture lessons. But this is more a personal job, they are told every morning to listen to the media for information.

This is a novelty. It’s kind of the social network in fashion, it has taken over Facebook and Instagram lately. You couldn’t do Miss Tahiti without being on Tik Tok. We will regularly post videos of the candidates. In different situations, we will offer them challenges, things like that.

Yes, but we cannot disclose it. If it is disclosed, they are harassed by the families.

Yeah, probably. It is the 60 years of Miss Tahiti. With border closures, it’s complicated.

Yes finally, we are there after a blank year and two years for me, suddenly. I am very happy. It’s weird, two later, I got used to the title. It seems like another time to me, but it brings back a lot of memories. I’m super happy to be here today.

With two years of reign, you make history. Have you been able to advise the Misses all this time?

Yes. They have a chance that I did not have because Vaimalama was elected Miss France, but I am here today. I’m trying to make myself available, they have my number. I go to a few rehearsals and give them as much advice as possible.

They are going through the same thing as me and I would have liked to have had a lot of advice, especially regarding the media. They were stressed, they weren’t sure how to do it. They go there by feeling, they are super-motivated and happy to be there.

It’s about always being yourself and always having your head on your shoulders. And then try to do your best.

I open up to everything, I test all the opportunities that come my way. I say the wind takes me wherever I want.

I was planning to go to France, but with the sanitary conditions, I’m still waiting to see how things develop. I am passionate about fashion, maybe I will go for this option.

Candidate 1Tipari Haumani, 22 years old, 1.65 m (© PHC)

Candidate 2Nauriki Dury, 22 years old, 1.70 m

Candidate 3 Piikea Tching, 24 years old, 1.73 m (© PHC)

4K candidatearen Wiriamu, 23 years old, 1.80 m (© PHC)

Candidate 5 Tumateata Buisson, 24 years old, 1.81 m (© PHC)

Candidate 6 Monoihere Debeuf, 20 years old, 1.79 m (© PHC)

Candidate 7Raruna Jacquot, 24 years old, 1.75 m (© PHC)

Candidate 8Eileen Thuau, 25, 1.72 m (© PHC)

Candidate 9 Natalia Louvat, 23 years old, 1.70 m (© PHC)

Candidate 10Poerava Trigueros, 22 years old, 1.56 m (© PHC)

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