“The coach pitched, the window exploded and we ended up with a mountain of sandwiches on our heads!” Sitting on the parapet of the A71, his luggage at his feet, Eiman recounts the a few seconds when his night changed in a very special way.

The young man is one of the twenty-two passengers of the Flixbus coach hit by a semi-trailer, this Thursday, around 1:10 am, on the A71, near Champs. The accident occurred at a tipping point where, due to roadworks, the highway was reduced to two lanes.

For reasons still undefined, the driver of the heavy goods vehicle, which was traveling in a north-south direction, lost control of his vehicle. The road set, filled with sandwich breads, lay down on the roadway. The driver of the Flixbus coach, who was arriving in the opposite direction at the time, could not avoid him.

The passengers, sounded but unharmed, were taken to safety on the side of the highway.

The shock, seen from the completely dark front of the bus, was extremely violent. Fortunately, however, the toll turns out to be less serious than it could have been. Three people were slightly injured: the bus driver, 34, the driver of the truck, 54, and a passenger. They were taken care of by the firefighters (*), a medical team from Smur 63 and transported to a hospital center.

The bus had left from Grenoble and was heading for Brittany, via Clermont-Ferrand.

The other passengers were taken to safety on the edge of the motorway, at a service exit, while waiting to be taken to the Volcanoes area, where another bus was to take them. take charge to continue their journey to Brittany. Most of them, although ringing, kept smiling.

“I was behind the drivers, says Marie-Solenne.” We were all starting to fall asleep. And there, suddenly, the driver said, “there is going to be an impact.” She saw the truck arrive and she handled it really well. She pounded. I closed my eyes. And when I reopened them, I had a bunch of sandwich breads on my face. They got back on the bus. It was everywhere !”

Marie-Solenne, who is returning to Brittany, ends her night with a hell of a story to tell and two packets of white bread!

A large part of the semi-trailer’s cargo also spilled onto the highway, which still remains closed this Thursday morning, time to clear the imposing wreckage of the vehicles. and to completely clean the roadway. The gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron intervened to establish the findings and secure the scene of the accident.

# A71 – situation update at 7:00 am: the # A71 motorway remains closed to traffic in both directions between #Gannat (63) and #Riom (63). Lifting operations for the damaged vehicles are in progress. Caution.

Glad there were no casualties in such an accident but there are now too many trucks and buses on the roads. The danger is everywhere.
It is high time, as ecologists recommend, to reverse this “all road” policy.

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