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The affair had provoked indignation and commotion in France and abroad. The trial of two men accused of the anti-Semitic murder of Mireille Knoll, an old Jewish lady killed at home in 2018, opened Tuesday in Paris. Guest of Europe Morning Thursday, the president of the Central Consistory – which represents the Jewish community – Élie Korchia considered that the recognition of the anti-Semitic nature of this affair is “essential”. “As a lawyer, I do not position myself on the merits of this file which I do not know. But personally and as a citizen, it is obvious that the anti-Semitic character in Mrs. Knoll’s case must be recognized, “he said.

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“For too long we have struggled to recognize this anti-Semitic character just like in other cases in the past. So what I would like today is that our murdered, killed Jewish victims, whatever the case terrorist attacks or common law crimes based on clichés, do not remain in the blind spot of our collective conscience. “

For someone who has been a lawyer for victims of the Hyper Cacher attack, it is essential that, as in this case, anti-Semitism is at the heart of what has been judged. “It is very important for our justice”, he insisted. Regarding the wish of Mireille Knoll’s son that the accused be sentenced to death, Élie Korchia, on the other hand, said he was totally opposed to this idea. “I am a lawyer, I have always been, I am and I will always be against the death penalty. And I will always be in line with what has been achieved by President François Mitterrand and his Minister of Justice Robert Badinter, “he said.

He also heard the pain of the victim’s son, “touched in his flesh”. “It is always very difficult when we have lived through this type of terrible act, to keep cool and reflect. So what inspires me is the suffering of a son flayed alive, but that our role must also to know the word that we carry and the values ​​that we defend “, continued the president of the Central Consistory. But he agreed that the suffering of the families of the victims must be understood.

“We must sometimes also salute the greatness and the dignity of civil parties like Samuel Sandler, whom I had the opportunity to accompany with his wife Myriam, or of Zari Boghni who had come to deliver an extraordinary and moving testimony after having was the terrorist’s hostage in the Hyper Cacher for 4:04 hours. “

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