The Gironde firefighters took on nearly 500 interventions on the night of June 17 to 18. The thunderstorms caused localized flooding on the right bank in Gironde. In Dordogne, a mini tornado hit the town of Monpon-Ménéstérol on Thursday evening.

We heard the tiles coming off the roof, objects banging everywhere, banging against the windows, on the veranda.

Two houses were particularly affected by the phenomenon, but in all around twenty houses suffered major damage following the passage of this tornado, in the Véry district.

The mayor of the town, Rozenn Rouiller, explains in a Facebook post that it happened around 6 p.m. but that fortunately “no injuries are to be deplored”. She also shares a photo of the emergency services but especially of the tornado: a huge column of dust …

She says that, even in the town hall a kilometer away, they had no idea what was happening in this neighborhood.

Almost 13 cms of water in 24 hours in Saint Germain du Puch or Baron. The thunderstorms were once again very localized and violent, accompanied by gusts of around 100 km / h, but especially heavy precipitation.

In Gironde, the right bank was particularly affected: Latresne, Tresses, Artigues-près-Bordeaux, Montussan, Saint-Sulpice and Cameyrac …

After the hot weather and already a first episode of heavy rain on Wednesday, the soils were not able to absorb water. Some towns are still flooded with water, such as Tresses or Latresne, whose city center has been closed to traffic.

In Latresne in Gironde, 126mm of rain fell in a few hours. The Bimbine, usually a small stream, came out of its bed creating a wave in places of 30 centimeters. The floods were very sudden. This other inhabitant still seems in shock: “It came suddenly. We didn’t have time to turn around. In a quarter of an hour, we took 50 cm here. It was really a flood. continual … “

About 20 houses were flooded between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. (the peak). It is the siren of the town hall which warned the inhabitants. “I thought it was a false alarm.” But no. For this restaurateur who had just reopened, “there is nothing left in the store … It’s a real disaster”.

According to the prefecture, there were nearly 500 interventions by Gironde firefighters in Gironde, most of them in this area where 59 people were evacuated and “put to safety”.

⚡ Warning # storms rain- # flood Results in #Gironde: 🚒 500 interventions by #pompiers mainly for flooded premises 🏘 Impacted municipalities Artigues-près-Bordeaux, Tresses, Saint Sulpice and Cameyrac, Saint Loubès No casualties. 59 people brought to safety

The road network has been strongly impacted in this sector and despite the efforts of departmental agents who secured the roads overnight, four roads remain closed (in bold below) and “about twenty roads still flooded but passable”.

In a statement, the Departmental Council explains that “the agents of the Department are mobilized to put the roads back into circulation as soon as possible, those which have been flooded will be cleaned during the day”.

Graves Entre Deux Mers sector:
– RD 1113 La Prade, flooded road
– RD 115- Cénac Lignan, flooded road: setting up a detour / Cut road
– RD 219 / 651- Cabanac and Villagrains, flooded road
– RD 214e5- St Médard d’Eyrans, roadway flooded tree on the roadway
– RD 13- Salleboeuf, roadway flooded with tree on the roadway collapse of the slope: creation of a deviation / Road cut
– RD 671- Loupes, flooded road
– RD 219- St Selve, roadway flooded with mud
– RD 109 / 109e2- St Morillon, roadway flooded with mud
– RD 111- Léognan, roadway flooded with tree on the roadway
– RD 19- St Pierre de Bat, flooded roadway tree on the roadway
– RD 121e6- St Genes de Lombaud, flooded road
– RD 240 – Latresne, slope collapse: markup
– RD 14- Madirac, flooded roadway Berlin cushion torn off.
2 roads in difficult traffic situation while waiting for the recession, rd 115 between Lignan and Sadirac as well as rd 13 in salleboeuf.

– RD 118 Cne de Illats Post Telecom on the road All the roads are passable in this sector

– RD115 St Gervais (crossroads D115 / D115E3): the RD 115 is still under water so the road is closed.
– RD135 St Mariens, water was still present on the shoulder.