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Castleford extended their winning streak to four after handing over Hull FC at MKM Stadium and Tigers # 13 Adam Milner put in an outstanding performance.

After Paul McShane had to be replaced within ten minutes, it was Adam Milner’s opportunity to get on the record – and what a match he had!

“That was an enormous achievement by the guys. We knew it was a really important game for us and we’re a little in the mood to win our last three right now, so we knew how important it was, ”Milner told castlefordtigers.com.

“The boys work hard for each other and it could have gone two ways after the Challenge Cup, but it went as all the boys at this camp imagined.”

The 29-year-old started out as a substitute, but came Passed off the bench after about 10 minutes.

“Powelly (Daryl Powell) mentioned before the game that we had a couple of guys who just came in and I can’t say I have in the past few weeks his best buddy was because he let me off the team, but he knew what “he was doing!” “He got that achievement out of me, and it was just a huge effort from one to seventeen. </ The win over Hull meant the Fords moved up to sixth place; a movement that filled the team with further ambitions and the desire to secure one of the play-off spots at the end of the season.

“After the Challenge Cup final we had a meeting and Powelly showed us what we had before us – eight games and we knew we had to win pretty much every game to get into the six.

“We’re building the momentum that is crucial this time of year, and we’re halfway there. We have four games left to really aim for those playoffs. ”

Castleford will face the Wigan Warriors at Mend-A-Hose Jungle on Monday afternoon, and despite a tight turn, the Tigers are prepared for what lies ahead.

“It’s like the old Easter time. The next few days will be all about recovery. We have a pretty seasoned squad who know how to handle those short turnarounds and we’re looking forward to Wigan on Monday. ”After Daryl Powell’s 500th Super League game as head coach against Wakefield last week, Milner congratulated him his gaffer and said, “Well done on Powelly with his 500 game coaching. It really shows his age!

“What he did to this club was just phenomenal, and hopefully we can send him out with a high grade at the end of this year.”

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Registered in England and Wales under company number 00214373.
The Mend-A-Hose Jungle, Wheldon Road, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 2SD.
The sales tax identification number is 181507372

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