Author of a very good season, which earned him an All-Star Game selection, Mike Conley was courted during the free agency, but the decision to return to Utah was obvious as he told The Athletic.

“There were a few teams interested,” explains Mike Conley. “There was Chicago, Dallas… the Knicks were interested initially, then they weren’t, they changed their minds. For me it was simple. It was the easiest decision. There was New Orleans too, but the decision was easy for me based on what we had built and what I had been through last season and years. I just wanted to be a part of this adventure with these guys. Trying to bring a title to a place where, you know, it’s not easy to do. I think watching Milwaukee win was great. It ties in with my point of view, what I believe in, and what I envisioned during my years in Memphis. See the reaction of the fans and all that. This is what we want to bring to Utah, and give ourselves a chance to do it.

He believes the Jazz have what it takes to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy like the Bucks did, after years of hard-to-digest failures too.

“We think so,” Conley says. “We think we’re a title contender. Yes. Obviously, we know that there are obstacles that we will have to face at some point and that we have always struggled to overcome. Hopefully with the changes in the offseason, with the new tweaks we’re trying to introduce, we’ll be able to get through it.

They start strong, with 4 victories in 4 games, but last season they entered the playoffs with the status of number 1 in the league, and the rest we know. Premature elimination in the second round against the Clippers, not helped by the injuries of Donovan Mitchell and Conley. To see if they have learned from this disappointing season, and for that, go to the playoffs.

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