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“datePublished”: “2021-04-30”,
“dateModified”: “2021-04-30”,
“description”: “Doom Eternal received microtransactions almost a year after it was released and a little more than that after the developer assured Id Software that it did not contain premium cosmetics. After a new update today, Doom Eternal now has two pr”,
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Doom Eternal received microtransactions for almost a year after it was released, and a little more than that after developer Id Software pledged not to include premium cosmetics.

Following a new update released earlier this morning, Doom Eternal now offers two premium cosmetic packs (via VGC) for all supported platforms: the Doomicorn Master Collection and the Series One cosmetic packs.

The first introduces unicorn-themed skins, podiums, animations, and nameplates for $ 5, while the second introduces a dozen character and weapon skins, animations, nameplates, and symbols for characters and weapons .

Doomicorn Master Cosmetics were previously only available on Twitch. Series 1 cosmetics, on the other hand, were already available in the first season by grinding. Both cosmetic packs were therefore free at the time of their release, but were subsequently removed. Her arrival at Doom Eternal now gives players the opportunity to unlock them if they previously missed something but are spending real currency.

Back in January 2020, Creative Director Hugo Martin assured that Doom Eternal will not have any microtransactions or an in-game store. He also affirmed that Id Software would like to offer a complete experience within the retail price of $ 60, excluding any possibility of paid skins. However, the developer has apparently turned this assurance around. Apart from that, the mentioned cosmetics are only there to “look cool” and have no influence on the gameplay. The real problem is the pay-to-win cosmetics, but microtransactions, which should never happen in Doom Eternal, will likely still make players frown.

Doom Eternal is the continuation of the 2016 Doom reboot and was released in March 2020 for previous generation PC and consoles. The game landed on Nintendo Switch during the 2020 holiday season and has yet to be released somewhere on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the coming months.

has halted regime change, curbed demonic invasions and averted at least one cosmic omnicide; everything from the confines of his gaming chair.

Ref: https://segmentnext.com