If Michèle Laroque is one of the French actresses with the most important filmography, she retains a regret in her career, as she revealed on Saturday, May 29, 2021 in 50’Inside on TF1.

The next few months will be full for Michèle Laroque: on June 2, his new comedy, Everyone at home, will appear. But that’s not all: the sequel to her successful film, Happy retirement, in which she played alongside Thierry Lhermitte, will also appear in 2021. The actress was thus present in the show 50 ‘Inside, Saturday May 29, 2021 on TF1, to talk about its busy news. At 60, her long film career was inevitably at the heart of the interview. Something to impress Nikos Aliagas: “You toured with everyone, with a lot, a lot of actors”, remarked the journalist and presenter of The Voice.

And if she does not contradict him, Michèle Laroque, who has already told of having escaped a kidnapping, revealed to have remorse about his career: “You know, so here I have a great regret …”, begins – before mentioning the actor and filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bacri, the star of the film Le Sens de la fête. “I would have loved, loved, filming with him. And besides, we had talked about it,” she said, adding that the actor replied “yes, why not!” at his request. But unfortunately, it never could. The man in the movies died on January 18, 2021, at the age of 69, from cancer.

Michèle Laroque thus keeps very good memories of Jean-Pierre Bacri, whom she has always admired: “I remember that I was with Albert Dupontel and that we went to see a play played by Agnès Jaoui [his ex-partner became her friend, Editor’s note] and Jean-Pierre Bacri. Afterwards, we had a drink. I was still trying to understand who I was, what I wanted to do in this job … And them, ever since the beginning they knew… The three, ”remembered the actress, who almost took part in Dancing with the stars. Even then, she still seemed shocked at their confidence in their future professional life. “They knew exactly what they wanted,” she repeats, adding that she really wasn’t. “Me, I need a little experimenting to know. I start by doing a little haphazard luck and I say to myself ‘ah well, that I will not do it again'”, concluded Michèle Laroque, figure emblematic of the Enfoirés.

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